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Enemies of Old – DAoC Quest

Part of the Pictish Invasion – Live Event, Enemies of Old is a repeatable quest for level 48 and above characters, it rewards with experience, gold and dragon scales. It is an excellent way to… Continue reading

DAoC: Pictish Invasion – An Encroaching Threat

Stage 2 of the Dark Age of Camelot Pictish Invasion Live Event started 24 January 2012. Royal Emissaries have been sent to the border keep of the realms to direct the response to the… Continue reading

DAoC: Pictish Invasion – Ancient Battlegrounds

Dark Age of Camelot received an update a few days ago activating the next step of the Pictish Invasion Live Event which unlocks the Old Frontiers battleground of Caledonia. The location won’t come as… Continue reading

DAoC: Patch 1.113 – Unannounced Changes

Recently Dark Age of Camelot released Patch 1.113. This update brought in some Resist, Realm Ability and Mauler changes. There were also some unannounced changes in the client, brought in most likely to… Continue reading

DAoC: Pictish Invasion – Laying the Trap

With the Dark Age of Camelot 1.113 Patch brought the next stage in the Pictish Invasion Live Event. There is a new quest available from the usual NPC responsible for dealing with the… Continue reading

DAoC: Live Event – Pictish Invasion

Late last year began a live event for Dark Age of Camelot, it involves a Pict Invasion of the three realms. This guide covers the progression of the live event and the quests involved… Continue reading