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DAoC: Gameplay – Death

A Dark Age of Camelot guide to what happens after death in the game. Contents Summary On Death Resurrection Resurrection Release Recall Penalties Experience Resurrection Illness Constitution Loss Other Graves Praying Binding Healing… Continue reading

DAoC: Gameplay – /stick /follow and /face

A Dark Age of Camelot series of guides which cover the topics in the Lesson Quests that were added in DAoC Patch 1.110. In this article we cover the usage of the /stick,… Continue reading

DAoC: Gameplay – NPC Colors

A Dark Age of Camelot guide to the colors above non-player characters (NPC’s) heads. When you encounter an NPC, whether these be people giving you quests, or monsters you are trying to slay.… Continue reading

DAoC: Gameplay – Quest Icons

A Dark Age of Camelot guide to the Quest Icons you will encounter in the game. History Classic When DAoC launched and for many years after, you had to talk to each individual… Continue reading