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Da Best Plan: Chapter 2 – Lumber for the Lobbers

Not far from the tall spire of Mount Bloodhorn a team of clever Goblins had cobbled together a great saw mill, taller than any tree in the nearby Sharpthorn Forest. They called this… Continue reading

Da Best Plan: Chapter 1 – Skarzag’s Warcamp

Led by the powerful Warlord Grumlok and his Bloody Sun Boyz tribe, the greenskins set out on a path of conquest to destroy once and for all their ancient enemies, the Dwarfs. We… Continue reading

Soul Essence: Chapter 3 – Poisonblade Heath

Soul Essence is a series of articles for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, it covers the Dark Elf PvE campaign from the Disciple of Khaine class chapter-by-chapter. We rejoin our hero as she makes her… Continue reading

Chosen: Chapter 1 – Unshackled Host

Chosen is a Warhammer Online series of articles which covers the Chaos PvE campaign from the perspective of the Chosen class chapter-by-chapter. Slideshow A slideshow of all images in this post, it will transition on… Continue reading

Warhammer Online: Righteous Fury – Chapter 1

Righteous Fury – Chapter 1 Apologies for a lack of a title graphic, I have had to replace my computer and no longer have the source files. Righteous Fury is a Warhammer Online series of articles… Continue reading

Soul Essence: Chapter 2 – Akrana’s Storm

This is the second post in a new Warhammer Online series of articles where I play a character in the Dark Elf PvE story. It is designed to be something I can do when I can’t group… Continue reading