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DAoC: Patch 1.113 – Unannounced Changes

Recently Dark Age of Camelot released Patch 1.113. This update brought in some Resist, Realm Ability and Mauler changes. There were also some unannounced changes in the client, brought in most likely to… Continue reading

DAoC: Pictish Invasion – Laying the Trap

With the Dark Age of Camelot 1.113 Patch brought the next stage in the Pictish Invasion Live Event. There is a new quest available from the usual NPC responsible for dealing with the… Continue reading

DAoC: 1.113 Patch Today

Dark Age of Camelot will be applying Patch 1.113 today with the following highlights: The realm’s Kings have dispatched new Relic Guards to defend captured Relics! A new Scaling Difficulty system for Relic… Continue reading

DAoC: Livestream with @Grakulen and @DAoCDev – Midgard (Thidranki)

Last night Grakulen hosted a three hour Dark Age of Camelot livestream with some BioWare Mythic team members on’s TwitchTV channel. For the next stream someone please turn on the chat log… Continue reading

DAoC: Upcoming Livestream – Thidranki (Midgard)

There is an upcoming Dark Age of Camelot livestream on’s TwitchTV channel, hosted by Grakulen, joined by Kai Schober, and possibly Talal Saad and John Thornhill from BioWare Mythic. Watch them live or archived Chat with them in game… Continue reading

The Secret World – Chronicle

The Secret World unveiled a new feature today, a chronicle which has leaderboards, character stats, equipment and specs. I always like it when companies continue to add features post release, and this is a… Continue reading