Allods: Context Actions


Allods Online is a free to play Russian developed MMORPG. It is something that I have been casually playing  over the years.

As I am not tied down to the community of one game, I try to play a different game each day of a month and take notes about my experience.

For Allods I have previously highlighted that I like the automove feature for casual players, and today I want to highlight another feature I love… Context Actions.

Context Actions

These are icons that appear above your quickbar that appear based on your location and what you can do around you.

They can be clicked or use easily accessible keys which is great for those who only use the mouse to look and turn.

Some of the actions available are:

  • Use Quest Item – no fumbling in your inventory
  • Talk to NPC – helps when npcs are crowded
  • Start Quest
  • Hand in Quest