Warhammer Online: That Spawn Camping Thing


Over the past few days I have been intensively playing WAR again, thanks to the Wrath Chest reward for Wrath of Heroes players joining WAR and the ease of entry into RvR compared to my times in DAoC. I found a new alt that I enjoyed playing and have played almost nothing else since.


One of the first things I had to catch up with was the strange glowing effect that everyone had. The effect is from a pocket item which you gain as the Basic influence reward from the Return to Ekrund Live Event – Part 1 and gives you a 25% bonus to Toughness and Hitpoints and a 50% bonus to Renown and XP gains.

This was obviously crucial for me to get immediately because of the defensive and reward bonuses. There are a few ways to gain influence in the live event, one involves grabbing some clues in Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn, others involve simply slaying enemies and the one I went for was the Gates of Ekrund scenario.


The scenario quest requires you to take a historian NPC to a wall, defend him, and then return with him. This is pretty popular at the moment due to the huge XP rewards.

During my time in this scenario I had some bad experiences being spawn camped, but I also had some pretty good experiences. Where we would clash in the middle, but no realm would have the push advantage, due to people having to return to the spawn to hand the quest in.


Spawn camping is pretty common in WAR these days, regardless of how powerful the cannons defending the warcamp are. It is just the nature how we play the game and fight the enemy. We prefer the zones where we clash in the middle just outside the warcamps regardless of the space of the rest of the zone. Some zones cater towards this due to warcamp placement.

For me what screams for more attention is providing incentives to move away after the initial push. In Wrath of Heroes and Dark Age of Camelot they had the third realm to prevent spawn camping but WAR didn’t have any protections apart from guards (until cannons).

Something like, but probably not as brutal as:

  • Having to return to a BO every x  minutes in order to receive the full RP rewards, like idle hands
  • Handing in a high rewarding quest (more rewarding than farming the spawn camp like Gates of Ekrund)
  • Keep level  upkeep (or it degrades) and manual resource running