Warhammer Online: Wrath Chest Guide

screenshot_000Last week Mythic announced that Wrath of Heroes would be shutting down. They have created a FAQ for topics such as Gems however they did not produce a guide.Mythic are rewarding loyal players who have played this year, or have outstanding gems with a promotional code for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.It will entitle you to:

  • 1 month of free game-time
  • Wrath Chest, which includes:
    • Becoming Popular x2
    • Baker’s Mistake
    • Concentrated Journeyman’s Elixir
    • Case of Officer’s Phial of Adrenaline x2
    • Case of Officer’s Healing Elixir x2
    • Armor Crate
    • Deed for Sturdy Mount
    • 2500 War Crests

Wrath Code


The code was sent out by email and can be found in the area indicated by the red in the image.


Applying the Code

To apply the Wrath Chest code you will need to create or use an existing Warhammer Online account at the Mythic Account Center.

Log in with your EA account (the email address and password combination you used for Wrath of Heroes).

If you do not have a Warhammer Online account, create a trial account.


Once you have a Warhammer Online account, locate it in the list and press the Activate Key button.


The Wrath Chest

Create Character

Now load up the Warhammer Online game and create a character.


Account Entitlements

Once you are in the game, press Escape to bring up the main menu and select Account Entitlements.


The Chest

Select the Wrath Chest and press Claim.

It will appear in your inventory, Right-Click the chest to open it.

Note: You can Claim this chest on every character you create.

Edit: 5 March, 2013 Mythic altered the reward to only be claimable once.


The Elixir

One of the items will be a Concentrated Journeyman’s Elixir, it will raise you to Career Rank 30 and Renown Rank 40.

Right-Click the Elixir to rank up.



Your ranks are increased.

Note: Your game may become unresponsive for a few seconds whilst the client processes all the effects.


Capital City

Teleport to a Warcamp

Next you will need to head to your Capital City in order to purchase Equipment, a Mount and Abilities. However you don’t have any money, so you need to head to a Warcamp. The War Report button is to the left of you minimap, you can click this and teleport to a Warcamp.


Sell Equipment for Travel Money

You don’t have any money, however you are provided with some Armor in the Armor Crate. You can purchase much better with all the currency you have been given, so open the chest and sell at the nearest merchant.


The Merchant

To sell an item, right-click on a merchant to open up the Merchant window. Then right-click on the item you wish to sell. After selling both sets of equipment you should have a few gold.


Flight Master

Now you need to travel the Capital City, since you now have money you can go over to the Flight Master.


The Travel Map

Right-clicking on the Flight Master opens the Travel map. The cities are located in the Empire vs Chaos pairing.

For Order you want to Travel to Altdorf and for Destruction you want to travel to The Inevitable City, click on the green icon to fly.




First you want to go and get your mount, and equipment. In Altdorf this is in the War Quarter and shown below.


Deed for Sturdy Mount

In the Currency tab of your Backpack you will notice a Deed for Sturdy Mount.


Specialty Mount Wrangler

You will need to talk to the Specialty Mount Wrangler and buy one of the three horses for that you have the deed for.

Note: Looking around the stable will show you how the horses appear.



Next head to the Renown Weapon Quartermaster to find the appropriate level weapons for you.



Nearby will be the Renown Armor Quartermaster, and you can buy the Conquerors set of armor.



Next purchase your accessories, a Cloak and 4 pieces of Jewelry.



Next for your abilities. For Order head to the Temple as shown below.


Renown Abilities

See the Renown Trainer to buy Renown Abilities. You will have 40 points to spend.


Mastery Abilities

You can see the Career Trainer to buy Mastery Abilities and specialize in one of three paths for your career.

Clicking on the + button will increase your training in the line, you will have to click on the ability icon as you unlock them to purchase them.


Career Abilities

You can use the same NPC to purchase Career Abilities.

Note: These abilities will cost money to purchase.



Now you are kitted out and trained up. You can actually do something with your character.


At the top-left of the mini-map you can press the Join a Scenario Queue button, you can select Scenarios to Join or press Join All.

This will place you in a queue for a scenario, and you will receive a pop-up when there is one ready.

Note: As a level 30 character you will be playing with any character over the career rank of 15 and under the renown rank of 70.


Open RvR

You can use the Flight Master to travel to any of the Tier 3 Contested Zones and engage in non-instanced battles.

Questing and Public Quests

You can use the Flight Masters to travel to any zone and head out to do quests or public quests. The flight masters will give an indication to the level range of the zone.