Da Best Plan: Chapter 2 – Lumber for the Lobbers


Not far from the tall spire of Mount Bloodhorn a team of clever Goblins had cobbled together a great saw mill, taller than any tree in the nearby Sharpthorn Forest. They called this towering, rickety construction “Da War Maker”. The foreman at the camp as Grokk, an ill-tempered Orc with a penchant for punting Goblins when his foul mood got the better of him.


“Faster, lads!” bellowed Grokk at the train of Orcs carrying logs to the huge, buzzing saw. “Get dat wood in so we can cut it up! We need Lobbers an’ siege towers to attack dat big stunty gate, an dem’s is built wiv wood. You don’t get enough, da Big Boss ‘imself will have to come and set you right!”


Gathering ample supplies of lumber hadn’t been easy for the greenskins. The Sharpthorn Forest was infested with troublesome Spites, vicious forest creatures that didn’t like Orcs intruding on their woodland domain.


In the rocky passages north of the camp, a band of brigands calling themselves Dietrich’s Dogs were constantly harassing the greenskins, hoping to loot some of the shiny trinkets the Goblins liked to carry.


The only good news was the steady stream of recruits from Skarzag’s warcamp. Grokk had plenty of use for them.


“You slackin’ off dere, Pidgush? Back to work or I’ll feed you to da Boars!”

“Right you is, Boss!” The Goblin hopped to his feet and ran into the woods. A moment later he emerged, squealing in pain. A small, four-limbed creature had clamped its large jaws on the Goblin’s rear. It looked like a bundle of twigs and leaves.

Grokk scooped the Goblin up as he ran past. “Wot’s dis fing fat’s trying to eat ya, Pidgush?”

“It’s one of dem stick monsters, boss! Dey’s all over the forest, and some is as big as an Orc! Every time da boyz cut down a tree, dey come after us!”


Grokk held the Goblin high in the air, then let him fall. A moment later, his boot smashed into the creature’s backside and sent Pidgush screeching through the air, landing atop the pile of sawdust at the base of the tower.