DAoC: Movement in NF

sshot017I occasionally try and get motivated to get myself into New Frontiers RvR and last night was one of those moments.

It is daunting since New Frontiers is so large, if a direct port to a keep is not open (and only certain keeps can be ported into), it means you have to run or take a boat.

In the end I spend all of my time moving in hastener speed (and sometimes stealth) on my scout from Caer Renaris all the way to Caer Berkstead where I spend some time defending a tower and being called (came back to being dead and logged out)

I believe changes are coming in 1.114 which should make movement easier in NF, this isn’t confirmed but patch notes are due soon.

How could this be improved?

Some thoughts I had on this are the following:

  • Allow every keep with over 3 towers able to be ported into.
  • Expand the Forest Sauvage river all the way to Castle Sauvage so there is a safe set of docks available immediately, with locations around your entire frontiers, or the coasts of the enemy frontiers
  • Every keep and tower should have a hastener outside the gates.