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It is that time of the month, one week to go until Grakulen’s livestream with the Dark Age of Camelot devs.



Albion Molvik 35-39 on Wednesday, February 20th 2013.

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My Questions

Last time I had a whole long list of questions, this time I only have a few.


When targeting someone by clicks (this is how I heal!) long surnames get in the way, could we possibly have an option to hide players lastnames, guildnames, and titles (all seperately)


Is it possible to make zoomed in maps of towns, keeps and towers (like the tutorial zone) so that you can find group members and quest givers easily?


When I enter a town, I can’t see NPCs names very far. Can we have an option to see NPC or Player names are a higher distance.


New User Journey channelers currently can’t be used by level 50 players. Like the Battleground Channelers they should offer options to at least teleport to the Capital City, the primary Border Keep and your personal house.

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