Etaew ventures into DAoC RvR!


I haven’t RvRed since I came back to DAoC

I know I know, that is the point of the game, but I found the barrier to entry to high. My impression from observation and previous experience was:

  • Forming groups required social commitment
  • Had a high preparation time
  • Had a high getting to a fight time
  • Had a high recovery time
  • Leaving groups had social pressure
  • The cost of running solo was too high with limited returns

Then Caledonia was re-added!

This battleground is a small zone where high level players clash between their portal keeps and the central keep.

  • So many players, always action
  • Action isn’t far from the spawn point
  • Picking a healing class meant that I could get RPs without being grouped.

Hop-in and hop-out play style

Some people hate this, but for me it was perfect.

During the weekend I played probably in excess of 8 hours in RvR, that in 2-3 hour sessions which is far greater than my usual play session.

I could do my thing, die a few times, and log out if I wanted without upsetting anyone. If I died I could pick myself up and be back in the fight shortly after.

Any downsides?

Sure, there are a few bugs in the battleground.

Since the Central Keep door isn’t attackable frequently the wrong door state is sent to the client. Some players see it open, and others see it closed, being unable to open it.

Also the immunity timer once you release is enough to enable you to run all the way to the Central keep with the immunity intact.

It has also killed lowered my favorite DAoC Public Quest – Enemies of Old (Pictish Invasion), since most people have moved to Caledonia.