DAoC: Caledonia Battleground Event

Caledonia (5)

From Friday, February 8 2013 to Monday, February 18th 2013 Dark Age of Camelot is running an event to see players returning to the Caledonia Battleground.

Probably in an effort to try and soothe over the downtime they have been receiving recently with the migration of the server to Amazon Web Services and the demands of players for the Mordred transfers and Patch 1.114 that players were told were expected in January.

To enter the battleground just stand on the Portal Pad in the PvE side of the Border Keep and every 5 minutes there will be a portal ceremony to teleport you to Caledonia. You do not require a Medallion of Passage.

There are no Picts in the battleground this time, but the lord does drop some valuable loot.

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