DAoC DB Updates 11, 12 and 13



Recently I’ve had another development spurt on DAoC DB introducing a few new features, notably I’ve started to produce guides, and added a DAoC Dev Tracker and Dungeon Maps.

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Update 13

Jan 30, 2012

  • Added: Support for NPC position in dungeons.
  • Added: Full NPC coverage for Constantine’s Sound.
  • Added: Full NPC coverage for Grenlock’s Sound.
  • Added: Full NPC coverage for Lamfhota’s Sound.
  • Added: Full NPC coverage for Fomor City.
  • Added: Full NPC coverage for Tur Suil.
  • Added: Full NPC coverage for Galladoria.


Update 12

Jan 28, 2012

  • Added: A Dev Tracker which tracks the comments on News and Wayback Wednesday.
  • Changed: The Zones page has been reorganised, with the map taking a higher priority, and the lists are now “tabbed” at the bottom.

Update 11

Jan 22, 2012

  • Added: An ability to have groups of quests, for example the New User Journey in Cotswold.
  • Added: A guide to Master Levels.
  • Added: A guide to Artifacts.
  • Changed: The Spells and Styles lists now only display basic information.
  • Changed: The Spells list filters are now in a dropdown, and results are now displayed in pages and limited to 100 results per page.