Silent Week

Just an update to let you folks know I am still here. There have been a few hurdles to my intended post schedule this past week.

First my gaming SSD died and in the process to attempt to fix it, I managed to break my Win 8 OS. Now I am finally sorted, re-installed my OS but lost all my local data. That was a double whammy, losing games and data.

With the loss of my games, I had to rely on my HDD backups for some games and here are some of my thoughts:

  • The WAR patchers is damn slow! RIFT patcher is awesome, I get into the game super quick.
  • Having a seperate trial account for endless trial in WAR is a pain, I would rather RIFT Lite style for all accounts.
  • I finally tried the WAR live event – Return to Ekrund and thought it was a nice change of scenery
    • I like the instant rank 10 renown rank 15 item you get, to allow you to participate in the event easier.
    • I like the teleport between T1 Emp and T1 Dwarf to get people into the event quicker.
    • I like the attempt at reverse bolster, and hope that can be used in more situations allowing for a merging between empty tiers into a single warfront.
    • I dislike some of the steps in the live event, standing around a tower trying to spam click before anyone else isn’t my idea of fun. I’d like to see an increased drop rate from RvR and random spawning of item (like Ordnance)
  • I play games on impulse and if I have to play a game with an authenticator, I will choose not to. (Started to remove mine)
  • Thank goodness for cloud saves!