Enemies of Old – DAoC Quest

sshot.0007.1920Part of the Pictish Invasion – Live Event, Enemies of Old is a repeatable quest for level 48 and above characters, it rewards with experience, gold and dragon scales. It is an excellent way to level from 48 to 50, and to progress in your Champion Levels.

Enemies of Old (Level 48)

Can be done solo, but usually there is a battlegroup you can join.

You can obtain the quest from Sir Yvain in Castle Sauvage, Fionn mac Cumhail in Druim Ligen or Sinfjotli Sigmundarson in Svasud Faste.


Next head to wherever your realm farms these Picts, they are typically next to the refugee camp from the secondary border keep.

Credit for this quest can be shared via battlegroup, battlegroups are a collection of players who are not in groups.

“/who bg” will tell you what battlegroup to join


“/bg join <theplayername>” will allow you to join the battlegroup

Help engage the Picts and return to the quest giver for a reward.