DAoC’s almost Public Quest


I really like the Dark Age of Camelot – Enemies of Old repeatable quest, it is the closest thing that DAoC has to Warhammer Online’s Public Quests and it gives me something to do at 50.

What is the quest?

The quest involves killing 25 Picts and most realms tend to do this in the camp outside their primary border keep.

The rewards are dragon scales, experience (useful for leveling 48-50 and Champion Levels) and gold.

Why do I like it?

The biggest draw for me is that credit is given for the battlegroup, so I can join a public battlegroup and smash Picts whether I am grouped or not. (Albion has the advantage that they can stay inside Swanton Keep and leach.)

Why do I like battlegroup credit? because I don’t have to spend time forming a group, saying hi and bye, and feel guilty when I drop out.

DAoC doesn’t do things very often to make entry easier for group activities, so when it does happen, you have to enjoy it.