DAoC DB Project Update #10

Last update I previewed some of the new quest and item tooltips for the site, this time I am showing off some of the new pages and releasing the site under a new URL.It is time to move off my development site, and I can now announce that it is running off daocdb.com, I need to spend a fair bit of time making it look good once the data entry is complete, so bare with it.

I have added Cotswold New User Journey as a second test of the data importers, and had to fix a couple of errors. The process isn’t perfect yet.

Home Page


Pictured: http://www.daocdb.com/

In the development version the homepage was filled with change information, this is now listed at the right-hand side. I now focus 4 main areas of interest, Items, NPCs, Quests and Zones.

Items List


Pictured: http://www.daocdb.com/items.php

In similar style to the quest and npcs lists, you can now see an items list. This page is not yet filterable or searchable.

NPC Details


Pictured: http://www.daocdb.com/npc.php?n=Albion%20warder

Instead of just seeing a location of a NPC on a map, the npc details page will also show you the other zones they are in, the quests they start and finish as well as a preview of the model.