Project Update for DAoC DB #6 and #7

daocdb_1The holidays have come and gone and it is time to update you all on the Character Planner project, I am enjoying the project so much I have expanded the scope of the project to become a DAoC web database.

View the DAoC DB now at: (yes I will change the URL when I’m done, it will get its own domain)

Update 6

  • Added: Class names underneath the class icons on the Char Builder.
  • Changed: The class icons on the Char Builder are now in alphabetical order instead of Class ID order.
  • Added: Support for post_link_effect to the Spell database.
  • Added: An Abilities database.
  • Added: Support for Shadowblade Specs
  • Added: Support for Skald Specs
  • Added: Support for Berserker Specs
  • Added: Class descriptions now also display on the builder page.
  • Changed: Reorganised top navigation menu with groups and drop-downs.

Update 7


  • Changed: Name from Character Planner to DAoC DB to reflect the expansion of the project scope, URL change when it’s all done.
  • Added: Databases page which lists the available databases and a description.

Sound Database

  • Changed: The sound player is now on the same page as the music lists.

Spells Database

  • Added: Missing Healer and Shaman spells

Zones Database

  • Added: A few zones to experiment with a zones and regions database.

Class Database (70%)

  • Added: Missing classes to the Classes database.
  • Added: Each class specializations.
  • Added: Support for Mauler specs
  • Added: Support for Bonedancer specs
  • Added: Support for Healer specs
  • Added: Support for Hunter specs
  • Added: Support for Runemaster specs
  • Added: Support for Savage specs
  • Added: Support for Shaman specs
  • Added: Support for Spiritmaster specs
  • Added: Support for Valkyrie specs

Charplan (90%)

  • Added: Missing class icons to the character builder.
  • Changed: Spells are now listed by type instead of groups.

Next Update

For the next update I am looking to finish off the Charplan by adding the Hibernian classes spells, styles and defensive specializations and then to add some of the missing tooltip descriptions.