2012 for Etaew’s Blog


This year has been incredible for me as a blogger, as you can see I finished university around March / April and started posting a lot more regularly, I went from a few hundred views a month to regularly getting thousands.

I’m pretty humbled by this, the +1 views is my motivator and keeps driving me to produce content. The visitor rise trend has been 3 months straight, here is hoping for January.

This year saw me…

  • Become responsible for DAoC / WAR / WoH wikis – and then lose motivation to work on them all
  • Join a new multi gaming community – and then stop playing the games they did
  • Started playing and covering Star Wars: The Old Republic, Wrath of Heroes, The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 – and stopped playing and covering them all
  • Started recording video of my guilds GW2 WvW sessions – bought a new pc to improve it, then I stopped playing
  • Establish myself as a regular DAoC blogger – and I still am, it filled a nice void in the DAoC community
  • Work on a number of projects with Mythic emps – can’t talk about it but loved it
  • Experiment with feature articles – didn’t work out, took too much effort for the satisfaction gained
  • Start new website projects
    • War Campaign – stopped because data gathering was vital but too difficult
    • DAoC Herald – stopped for the same reasons as war
    • DAoC Charplan  – really enjoyed project, still working on it, may finish it, scope expanded so much it became DAoC DB

Top Posts with over 1000 views…

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Top referrers

I’ve been experimenting where to post links to my articles over the past year, some pick up my posts automatically, some I have to go and spam.


The search engines score is so high because of being on a wordpress.com domain, this thing holds me back when wanting to move onto my own platform.

  • Many thanks to the DAoC community at postcount.net (formerly vnboards).
  • Thanks to waaagh.de for covering me when I talked about War and weritsblog.com for including me in his blogroll.