Submit your DAoC questions for next Dev Q&A


The latest developer Dark Age of Camelot Q&A session is approaching, one week away on Wednesday 9th January, now is the time to prepare your questions. If you haven’t already checked them out you can see the questions asked and answered last month.

A message from the player council.


We are trying to assemble questions from you, the playerbase, for the upcoming stream on January 9th (Alb Thidranki). You may ask anything relating to DAoC whether it concerns current implementations, or ones that you’d like to see. This is a great opportunity for the playing public to communicate with the staff of DAoC.

We are aiming to consolidate questions for a more focused Q&A session with the staff, so that we both get the most out of our time. There’s no guarantee that your question will be asked, but they will be hand picked, assembled, and then pulled at random during the next live stream. Details of the stream will be listed on the Herald as we close in on the date.

Thank you for your participation in this, as the community as a whole benefits greatly.

My list so far:

I’ll be adding to this over the next week before submitting it for review.

The DAoC client has the functionality to ask users to answer a poll when they log in, would this be a good idea to get some feedback from every player instead of Facebook and the forums?

In the file ui/atlantis/ there are a number of minimap style images including a mail icon and a house. What were these intended to be used for and when were they created?

Do you think permanent stealth, encourages stealth groups, and discourages solo and small man groups from roaming the frontier.

Do you think entry into the RvR end-game could be improved, for example with open warband interface and shared rewards like in Warhammer Online?

Is it possible to make zoomed in maps of towns, keeps and towers (like the tutorial zone) so that you can find group members and quest givers easily?

Could the map widgets be made available such as building and village icons so that community authored maps could be created

How would you say your time is divided up when determining patch changes between New Players and Return Players, Casual Players and Current Players?

The game focus seems to be on group vs group play, it’s not something I believe happens as frequently now, is the focus still the same or could we see more incentives to small mans and soloers?

What quality of life improvements would you most like to see enter in to the game, balanced with what improvements are likely to enter the game?

Could the NPC and Player names be drawn at a higher distance?

Any plans to implement a housing free lot finding NPC or mechanic into the game?

Could pets configuration be saved between sessions? and could pets have a configuration option for an auto attack option instead of just defensive or aggressive?

Any plans to make items like potions easier to use? such as usable in attack mode and usable from the item not the /use icon?

Any plans to improve the way ground targeting works in the game?

Could weapons auto switch based on ability end and target distance, such as auto switch to melee when target is in range, and auto switch to ranged when target leaves melee?

Any chance of mounts being given a higher priority instead of the speed classes dominance, could they be summoned in Capital Cities, and in combat?

Can the New User Journey Channelers be given some options usable for level 50s such as teleport to the Capital City, the primary Border Keep and your Personal House?

Can Stable Masters auto dismount a player when a ticket is handed to them?

Can Stable Masters auto remove ticket, and send a player on their way when a ticket is bought from them?

Can buffing NPCs auto remove token and buff player when a token is bought from them?

Can zone transition points be marked more clearly with an effect that isn’t a ring?

Can we have more slash commands removed in favor of UI elements?

Can we have a way to display the current status and progress to the next level of a faction?

Can all Archers receive an archery quiver without the need of a back cosmetic item similar to /hood?

Could there be reasons to log in daily? such as quests available once a day which give increased rewards for certain objectives?

With the herald data still being generated by the server, could this be made public so that external sites could use this again?

Movement on water isn’t as much of a hindrance as it was, with water movement buffs a group will often choose to go over water instead of over a bridge. Are you happy with the situation or would you like to see a return to bridges being important transport routes?

With the memories of Caledonia still fresh do you think that disabling diving in New Frontiers could aid battles?

Are you happy with crowd control? Being locked out of a fight for a long duration has always been a strange decision to me

Can battlegroup leaders (or members) be displayed on the map like group members are?

Could we have a free to play type option where you can play in the home-lands only (Albion Mainland, Midgard Mainland, Hibernia Mainland), including the dungeons and the city but not including Housing, Shrouded Isles, Trials of Atlantis, New Frontiers, Battlegrounds, or Catacombs areas? This gives players the ability to casually play and learn their characters before joining the RvR end-game?

Could you tell us the locations of the most deaths in RvR and PvE since the new user journey was added?

With the New User Journey and ease of leveling, do you think that free levels are still appropriate?

We all know your loyalty to DAoC, but are there any other games would you really like to have the opportunity to work on?

As is common to most modern MMOs strafing does not slow your character down, in DAoC it does, is it possible to remove this penalty?

Could the styles tab and the spells tab be combined? they are all abilities and are displayed the same way.

Is it possible to adapt the character selection screen to show characters in pages instead of having to switch different servers?

When no target is selected and the target of the spell is realm, can we have auto self cast? makes it easier when soloing for buffing and healing.

Can the position of the horse summoning window be remembered between sessions?

Can the quest journal width be permitted to be shorter, and the items remain open when updated? this would allow it to be open permanently for questers in classic mmo style.

From Vanesyra:

Any plans to do something against strafe / lag “exploits”. where people “dance” around while tanks stick them and the tanks fail to hit in melee combat because they only get the message “target not in view / range”. but they use /stick or /face and that kind of message should never happen if you use that kind of command

Can you fix the ability for catapults to fire at Castle Sauvage teleport stone without guards attacking them?

In order to save inventory space is it possible to remove teleport inventory items and instead grant abilities to characters?

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