Three ways to launch your DAoC account with Mojo


Since 2010, Rob,  a community member  has been developing Mojo. Mojo is an application which can improve your DAoC client experience.

Rob is also known as robbie1687 on and is responsible for, and

As a relatively new user to Mojo and because of the continued development of the application based on user feedback I wanted to dedicate a few posts to the application so that others can see some of the many features that it offers.

This post will show you different ways you can launch your DAoC account with the Mojo application to bypass the login and server selection screens and get straight into your game.

Setup Account for Launching

Mojo offers the functionality to directly launch your DAoC game account, skip the login and server selection screen.

After setting up Mojo you can do the following:

1) From the accounts tab right-click the accounts area and press “Add account to Mojo”


2) Enter your account username and password and then press the “Show More” button


Important Note: You should always be very careful with where you enter your usernames and password in applications or online, you will have to make your own mind up about whether or not you want to use this application. Do some research, check out others feedback on Mojo. In the end you will have to trust that Rob has written a clean application and will continue to do so.

3) Select the server you wish to launch the account on and press “OK”


Launching by Shortcut

Mojo can create a shortcut on your desktop that will load up your DAoC account immediately on a server.

1) From the Accounts tab right-click on the account you want to create a shortcut for and select the “Create desktop shortcut” option


2) Admire your new desktop shortcut


Launching within Mojo

Mojo can launch your DAoC account from within the Mojo application.

1) From the accounts tab right-click on your account, and select Launch – to launch on your pre-defined server.

Note: If you want a different server select “Launch On”.


Launching from the System Tray

Mojo can launch your DAoC account from a system tray icon.

1) Open Mojo and right-click the system tray icon (blank window)

2) Select “Launch account” option and select the account to launch on the accounts pre-defined server

Note: If you want to launch the account on a different server select the “Launch account on” menu item


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