Why I Like LOTRO Mounts


I’ve played quite a few MMO’s but there are very few where I actually enjoy using the mounts. Here are some reasons I like Lord of the Rings Online’s implementation.



I do like to complain about movement in LOTRO, the movement request sends to the server, the server sends the update back to the client. The opposite way to other MMOs and really makes you feel sluggish.

However if you look past that, the movement when riding a horse feels very fluid, the horse turns its head based on the direction and it just flows a lot better.

Attacked whilst Riding


In most MMO’s when you are attacked there is a % chance to dismount you, and it’s usually pretty high.


In LOTRO your mount has a set health, and can be killed, you also receive a percentage damage but it is more likely that you can keep riding past the attacks.



The animations of the mount really make it for me, when summoning or dismounting it doesn’t magically appear out of nowhere, well it kind of does. You are shown mounting and dismounting.