DAoC: Trinkets for Tots


Trinkets for Tots is a  level 1 repeatable quest for the realm of Albion obtained from the NPC Sister Samatha in the Winter Camp south of Ludlow. This quest is only active during the Midwinter Festival.

It involves crafting some low level toys using Woodworking and Clothworking and rewards you with some indoor and outdoor decorations for your house.

Note: If your quest journal is full the quest icons will not show.



First locate the Midwinter Camp, which is near the guardtower south-east of Ludlow.


Speak to Sister Samatha to start the quest Trinkets for Tots.


You can either craft these yourself using your low-level Basic Crafting skills or purchase them from the market.

Note: These are exceptionally cheap and easy to make.

Crafting Yourself


The place I went to craft these was Camelot City, the merchants you need for the materials are found near the teleporters and the main fountain.

You can find your Basic Crafting in the Tradeskills section of the Specializations (P) tab.

Find the crafting line you need in this case Clothworking and Woodworking and put the icon on your quickbar. Then start crafting yellow and orange items until you reach the required crafting level.

You can right-click a crafting item to see a popup for the materials you need, these are available from merchants. Put the item you want to craft on your quickbar and press it to craft the item.

The items you need to craft are the following:

  • woolen rag doll requires 1 Clothworking.
  • woolen stringed puppet requires 36 Clothworking (50 recipe).
  • rowan whistle requires 6 Woodworking (25 recipe).
  • rowan toy sword requires 56 Woodworking (75 recipe).

Note: Although the quest only asks for one of each it is repeatable, so you should be able to get each house item or multiples.

Head back to Sister Samatha in the Winter Camp south of Ludlow and give her a rag doll, stringed puppet, whistle and toy sword to complete the quest.

Note: NPC’s don’t accept stacked items, so you will have to un-stack them before you give them to her. To do this click on the item in your inventory and then click on an empty spot in your inventory, move all but one of the items to it, and then repeat.

Note: To hand a NPC an item, click on the icon in your inventory until it appears next to your cursor, then click on the NPC.


You will be rewarded with one of the following:

  • Snowy Wrath
  • Evergreen Spray Wreath
  • Evergreen Garland
  • Golden Wreath
  • Evergreen Knot Wreath
  • Red Evergreen Wreath
  • Outdoor Candlebra

Note: If you crafted more than one of each item you can repeat the quest and receive many rewards.