Project: DAoC Character Planner – Update #5


This is my biggest update in this project to date and I am really hopefully of seeing this project through to completion. There is a roadmap… sort of… and I am on track to adding all the classes and spells.

View the character builder now at:


Over the past week I’ve made the following changes:

  • Added: Styles database
  • Added: Support for highlighting popular builds on each class page.
  • Bugfix: Applied different spec modifiers for each class.
  • Added: Support for training in Styles
  • Added: Support for Albion Class Specs:
    • Armsman Specs
    • Cabalist Spells
    • Friar Specs
    •  Heretic Specs
    • Infiltrator Specs
    • Mercenary Specs
    • Minstrel Styles
    • Necromancer Spells
    • Paladin Styles
    • Reaver Specs
    • Scout Styles
    • Sorcerer Spells
    • Theurgist Spells
  • Added: Support for Midgard Class Specs:
    •  Thane Specs (for Grakulen – hope you pick it)
    •  Warrior Specs

Style tooltips are still a work in progress, I have chosen not to copy the style from live and am instead working on my own design.


Next Update

Some of the main features I want to include in the next update, as well as a few more Midgard classes support is to have an Abilities database.