Hand of Skadi: Chapter 5 – Huginfel

Hand of Skadi is a Dark Age of Camelot series of articles which cover the Midgard PvE Campaign up to Level 35 from the perspective of a Norse Hunter.


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Chapter 5 – Main Story

We rejoin our hero at Level 25 as he travels by horse from Fort Veldon to Huginfel to deliver a package and report to Priestess Kaetien.

Handmaiden of Ymir (24) & A Moment’s Rest (25)

The priestess formally welcomes me to Huginfel, the light at the edge of darkness.

She tells me that a growing evil approaches but she lets me get settled into town before we continue the discussion.

Tyrfing’s Curse (26)

Priestess Kaetien tasks me with saving the misguided soul of her brother Angantyr.

The cursed sword Tyfing  was forged by the dwarves on the orders of a warmongering king. The dwarves cursed the sword so that anytime it is unsheathed it forced the user to kill whoever was nearby.

Her brother Angantyr the Mad, who is associated with the Blodfelag, thinks he has found the lost swords resting place. Kaetien has tried to talk to Angantyr but he won’t listen.

She wants me to face him, and confirm that he has found the sword’s resting place and report back to her.

I head north to confront Angantyr on the peninsula. When I reach him he has an offer for me. He confirms that the sword is buried within the grave site and that it is his destiny to wield the blade.

He asks if I was sent by the Priestess and I say that I was. He says that if I assist him with his plundering he will reward me with 1000 gold coins. I am tempted but have given my word to the Priestess and I tell him my decision. Angantyr isn’t pleased and sends me away.

Returning to the priestess she thanks me for my loyalty and says she will send huscarls immediately to deal with her brother. She rewards me with one of the finest steeds in Midgard a Svealand Warhorse.

The Priestess’ Concern (26)

Priestess Kaetien has noticed Agnor Crusher, a guard in Huginfel, acting strangely. She would like me to check on him at his post north near the river’s edge near a large standing stone.

Paranoid Guard (26)

After locating and speaking with Agnor he tells me that the guards believe something or someone is getting ready to attack. He believes that a small creature is scouting their position on the other side of the river and asks me to investigate.

As I reach the bank I find a strange water creature looking around nervously, he starts running away and I chase him and kill him. He has notes on his corpse and I take these back to Agnor Crusher.

He asks me if I found anything and I show him the notes. He is pleased that I have found the proof he needed so he can show the council.

Urgent Summons (26)

Virge tells me that Samlauf Kolsson wishes an immediate audience with me. He doesn’t know why and sends me to speak to him at the building to the north.

Protecting the Healer (26)

Samlauf tells me that I am just in time. He has just received a report that the svartalf have sent assassins to slay Saydn, the town’s healer. I must stop them.

I arrive just in time to prevent the assassins from completing their mission. Saydyn gives me a gift to aid me in protecting other people.

A Token of Appreciation (27)

Returning to Saydyn he thanks me for saving his life. He hands me a weapon voucher that can be given to Kol Smithir so that I can obtain supplies.

Kol says that he saw me save Saydyn and honors the weapon voucher. He allows me to select weapons from his store, I obtain a new spear and composite bow before departing.

Captain of the Guard (28)

Priestess Kaetien tells me that Bork the captain of the guards in Huginfel has asked permission to recruit me for a special mission. It relates to the notes from the scouting creature. She sends me to speak with him near the bindstone.

Intelligence Gathering (28)

I meet with Bork. He tells me the notes that I found mentioned the guard patrol patterns and he tasks me with infiltrating the Blodfelag encampment to the west northwest and search their strongboxes for clues on who is behind it.

I enter the Blodfelag encampment and search each of the houses for clues.

I find a strongbox in one of the buildings, and search inside it for the evidence I need. Inside I find some useful documents and head back to Huginfel to deliver them to Bork.

Returning to Bork he examines the documents, he tells me that the assassination attempt on Saydyn was planned by one of the Blodfelag leaders not the Svartalves like they originally thought.

The Truth Revealed (29)

Bork tells me to seek out Graesen, a Svartalf. He has an understanding with him and he will give me information about who was behind the plot to kill the healer.

Graesen tells me that I am fortunate that Bork sent me, as he is in his debt for saving his life. He tells me that the witch I seek is the blodfelag Helda. He says that I should tell Bork that they are now even and dismisses me.

Returning to Bork he compliments me on my work and says he needs to speak with Priestess Kaetien about the revelation.

Striking Back (29)

Priestess Kaetien says that even with all the assistance I have given to uncover the plot she has one last request of me.

She finds it difficult to ask but for the sake of the people of Huginfel she wants me to eliminate the Blodfelag Helda. She can be found north of town in a house on the other side of the river. She also lets me know that Helda is betrothed to her brother Angartyr.

As I approach the house I notice a Blodfelag surrounding it guarding it. I dispatch the guards and enter the house.

I find Helda inside the house, she says she will take care of me herself. She sobs in pain as I kill her and I head back to Huginfell.

Onward to Fort Atla (29)

Priestess Kaetien says that I honor her, as she could not have done this herself.

She says that there is nothing left for me to do in town and that time is a fleeting thing that I must embrace the moments I have left.

Aryanna Frostraven in Fort Atla has asked the priestess to send someone trustworthy to deal with some problems that have been brewing in Gotar. She tells me to speak with Prulgar and he will provide me with transportation.

She also gives me a message to deliver to Aryanna when I arrive.

Prulgar the local stable master provides me with a horse to Fort Atla and on to Chapter 6.

Chapter 5 – Side Quests

Opportunity Calls & Watery Demise (25)

Virge is glad to see a new face in Huginfel, he tells me that Raker, the local Recharger, is looking for someone to help with some tasks. He sends me to speak with him to the west standing on a porch.

Raker tells me that his work as a Recharger requires special ingredients. One of which he is running low on.

He wants me to gather spectral essences from the drowned miners or excavators which haunt the submerged mine in the river to the north.

As I enter the water I can see the spirits of the drowned standing out, after defeating them I return the spectral essences to Raker who thanks me for them and says he can now continue his work.

Watch Your Step & Snakes in the Grass(25)

Virge has another job for me. Prulgar, the local stable master is looking for an adventurer and he sends me to speak with him.

Prulgar tells me that this area of the Svealands is infested with snakes. He wants me to kill a number of them for him and directs me to the east.

After heading east I come across a number of grass vipers, after killing them I return to Prulgar, he thanks me and rewards me with a nice belt for my troubles.

The Other White Meat & Bring Home the Bacon (25)

Virge has more work for me. Dvalin needs a hunter to take down a wild beast and sends me to speak to him at the tent to the northwest.

Dvalin tells me that over the last few nights he’s seen a magnificent boar roaming the outskirts of town. He wants to slay it to make a feast.

He sends me south to a clearing where he last saw it and says I can probably track it from there.

As I enter the clearing I notice obvious tracks made by a large animal leading to the west and  I follow them.

With a sudden crash a wild boar bursts out of the brush and charges at me.

I return to Dvaln with the boar meat and he rewards me with a jewel as my promised reward.

A Healer’s Vision & Waking of the Fallen (27)

Priestess Kaetien has heard that Saydyn the Healer has had a vision. She would usually consult with him but is preoccupied with other import tasks and has asked me to speak with him in her stead.

Saydyn says that the Lady Eir gave him a vision that I would come to him.

Also in his vision he saw a vile creature that turned against the gods. It captured lone travelers and changed them into the walking dead. If he is isn’t stopped he will gather an army and launch attacks on towns.

He says the stench of the creature should be enough to allow me to find it, but indicates that I should head down the road and walking on the ridge across from the Svartalf encampment.

I find the walking dead on the ridge as described and return them to the realm of the dead.

A Glamorous Death (27)

Virge asks me if I had heard the legends of the Skogsfru. The enchanted creatures said to be in the surrounding woods that take the form of beautiful women that lead men to an early grave.

Some guard patrols have failed to report back and he believes Skogsfu are to blame. The last guard was sent out to patrol the south perimeter of town and is overdue. He asks that I investigate the area and deal with the Skogfru if they are responsible. He hands me a pendant to protect me from their charms.

I locate the missing guards corpse beneath a tree.

Searching the area I locate a Skogsfru who attacks me, with the pendant protecting me from her I am able to defeat her in combat.

I return to Virge and tell him that he was correct it was Skogsfru after all. I exchange the pendant he gave me for a set of boots.

What’s Cooking? & Thora’s Winter Stew(27)

Virge comments that I look a bit hungry and says that Thora is in need of someone to collect supplies for her winter stew and that she may offer me a bowl. He sends me to talk to her in the building past the tavern to the east of him.

Thora needs some critical ingredients for her winter stew. She needs a bundle of leeks, a generous amount of peas and a few wild mushrooms.

I can find the leeks on the opposite short of the river to the northeast of town, and just northwest of that I can obtain the peas. The mushrooms grow on the western shore of the river and I should gather them last.

She says that the mushrooms don’t like being picked, and that I may have to try other methods. This makes me curious.

I swim across the lake and find the wild leaks growing on the other side. After harvesting 5 of them I look for the peas.

I find the pea plants surrounding a tree and gather two handfuls of pea-pods. I now head and search for the wild mushrooms.

As I approach the mushrooms they attack me catching me off-guard  me and my wolf companion have to fight for our lives, but we collect 3 of them and return to Thora.

She says it looks like I got everything she needed. She apologizes that she didn’t warn me about the mushrooms and offers to make it up for me by offering me a new chest-piece.

A Desperate Plea & Missing Livestock(28)

Virge tells me that Olgara has been asking for someone to assist her with a problem. He sends to the house north of him to pay her a visit and see what I can do.

Olgara thanks me for coming on such short notice and admits that her needs aren’t as urgent as they have been made out to be. But the problem does need to be addressed. I find the honesty refreshing.

She says that every night for the last few moons they have been visited by a bloodthirsy wolf which has been killing off the livestock. She says that all the goats in the town are now gone.

She is worried that if the wolf returns tonight she may stalk larger prey. She wants me to track down and slay the she-wolf. It was last seen running off southeast.

As I get near the she-wolf she lunges for me, I impale her with my spear and collect the pelt to deliver to Olgara.

I return to Olgara and she gives me her thanks, and rewards me with a nice helm.

Gone Fishing & Hook, Line and Snakes?(28)

Virge tells me that  Guldor an avid fisherman has run into a problem and needs some assistance. He sends me to the building to the east past the tavern to talk to him.

Guldor says that he fishes just off the river. The past couple of days he hasn’t been able to catch any fish, he did catch a snake serpent and realised that they are scaring off the fish.

He asks me to kill the snakes and he will make it worth my time.

It is hard to make out some of the snakes in the water, but I work through the lake and remove as many as I can find.

I return to Gudlor telling him that I have killed the snakes, he says nothing but simply hands me a pair of leg armor.

Hitting the Tavern & The Hunter Becomes the Prey (29)

Virge tells me that Barkeep Alaka is looking for someone to help her out and that I should go pay her a visit at the tavern.

Barkeep Alaka tells me that she crafts necklaces as a hobby and she wishes to craft a necklace for a birthday gift, she is looking for something very special to craft it from and she hopes that I can get a savage lynx tooth for her.

She says they roam the woods around the town but that she saw one on the road to Vindsaul Faste this morning.

I agree to aid her in her search and set out to find a savage lynx.

I locate a savage lynx near the road as Alaka described, and defeat the animal in combat and remove a tooth.

I return to Alaka, she is pleased with the tooth that I obtained and says that her daughter will be so excited. She rewards me with some sleeves.

Battlegrounds: Mail Call (29)

Virge has a final task for me. He needs someone to deliver a stack of messages for soldiers defending the Midgard Portal Keep in Dun Braemar. I can deliver the messages to the Midgard Commander there and he will distribute them.

Channeler Thorgar the village’s Battleground Channeler teleports me to Dun Braemar.

The Midgard Commander in Dun Braemar receives the messages from me.

I visit Hrastor the Huginfel Channeler to be teleported back to Huginfel.

I return to Virge and he thanks me, saying that my efforts to aid the realm will not go unnoticed.