Kai moves on from Mythic (Updated)

Kai Schober the Community Manager for Mythic’s MMO games including Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes has left Mythic today.

Today is my last day as Community Manager at Mythic. I’ll face a new and very exciting challenge from Monday on.

It has been great to work on Dark Age of Camelot and all other Mythic products (again) for the last 2 years. I met amazing people here in the teams as well as out there among you players. My only regret is that I had to spread my attention over 5 different titles and never had the time to be really dedicated to one of them. But I take a lot of great memories with me.

I thank you for being the awesome, annoying, loyal, critic, understanding, demanding community that you are. The support you continue to give DAoC is really appreciated, and I know I leave the game in very good hands.

Until we meet again – thanks for all the fish, and no, you can’t haz my stuff.

Before Kai joined Mythic he worked as Community Manager for the GOA servers for DAoC and WAR.

A few days before he left he had the opportunity to get married in the Mythic offices which is a fantastic start to the new direction for the new job he starts on Monday. He hasn’t publicly stated where he will be headed, and I’ll check for permission before I publish that information.

Kai will be replaced by Tim Chappell who has already been posting a few news articles for Mythic. As the studio draws down their community relations with the new focus and developers for the game taking a leading role in player communication I can’t see his involvement being more than news postings.

I’m unsure if he will be continuing his monthly appearance on Wayback Wednesday with Grakulen playing Dark Age of Camelot and will be seeking clarification.

Personal Note

Kai is the only Community Manager that I’ve had personal contact with, we had communication through work on various community projects and he was one of the few at the studio that could see past my history.

He was around for my return to DAoC and WAR this past year, and has helped me with information for my own play and the guides I have created.

Thanks a lot Kai for answering my questions and putting up with my … enthusiasm 🙂



Kai has now made public that he now works as the German Community Manager for Zenimax’s upcoming MMO Elder Scrolls Online.

Kai may still appear on Grakulen’s Wayback Wednesday when they visit DAoC but since he no longer represents the studio it will only be as a grouped character, and not on voice.