DAoC: Re-Enlistment Deactivated

As mentioned on the Dark Age of Camelot website the 14 free days that you get after your account has been active 90 days has been deactivated. The post claims that it was taken down so they can work on updating the Re-Enlistment campaign with new offers.

Whilst I am all for an updated campaign I take problems with interrupting a feature, this could have been all “worked on” behind the scenes.

  • We haven’t been told when it will return
  • We haven’t been told what to expect to change

So what could they offer?

Warhammer Online has a re-enlistment campaign  they offer some items:

  • Temporary buff to increase experience, renown and influence.
  • Item which offers a temporary shapeshift
  • Item which offers regeneration boost

The difference with WAR and DAoC is that they not only have an in-game mail system, but they have an account rewards option. The only way I could see item rewards being given out is if there is a special merchant somewhere which can check the returning state.

As seen in the new user journey, there are items which can increase XP/RP/BP rewards, so this is something that could well be applied.

A title or special quest could also be offered to returning players.

What else could they do?

Well for a start I would send out an email every time an account has reached 90 days of inactivity, saying “We Miss You! come back to camelot and try us for 14 days free on us. Here are some recent changes we have made…”. Regular contact is a great way to grab players who potentially could return.

Returning players is the only way they can increase the amount of players, as we know that the DAoC mechanics and interface may put off fresh new players.

The other really big ticket point that I have to make is that the account center must show at a glance if an account is eligible for game time, as this may get more people into the game when browsing their account list.