DAoC: Pictish Invasion Ending

The Dark Age of Camelot Pictish Invasion Live Event will be ending in 4 days, that would make it end the evening of November 9, 2012.

The Live Event has run for almost 11 months which is quite impressive, every few months was a progression to the campaign which added new quests and rewards.

The latest addition was the Caledonia battleground, this had a big impact on the RvR population as it forced them into a concentrated area, this was unsustainable and population will need to be moved back into New Frontiers.

I will be sad to see the Live Event go, I thought the quests it added were fantastic, my favorite being the repeatable 25 Pict killing quest, which was a great way to gain experience, gold and Dragon Scales. Not to mention that the guides were very popular on this blog 🙂

I hope that it wasn’t the year-long celebration for the 10th anniversary they were talking about, and that the momentum won’t slip. I’d love another Live Event to take its place.