DAoC’s TOA glass quests in Green Glades for levels 45 to 50

A Dark Age of Camelot guide to collecting glass between the levels of 45 and 50. This takes place in the Trials of Atlantis zones of Oceanus Notos and Green Glades and is the most popular form of collecting glass due to the distance between two of the quest objectives and the quest giver.

Quest Aquire

Teleport to [Oceanus] from any of the main teleporters.

Right-click the Djinn Stone to summon an ancient bound djinn.

Right-click the ancient bound djinn and choose the option of [Aerus] and then [Green Glades].

Captain Chryse will be nearby when you teleport into Aerus Haven, he offers the following quests:

  • Impending Attack
  • Dreadful Terror
  • Busting Heads

Impending Attack

A group of centaur in Green Glades

Dreadful Terror

The gorgon maiden camp in Green Glades.

Busting Heads

The self-maintaining statue camp in Green Glades

Standard Group Run

A group finishing a run in Green Glades.

To find a group when in the Trials of Atlantis main zones you can use /region or /lfg to ask for a group for Green Glades Glass.

A group will typically form up in Aerus Haven, and do the Dreadful Terror (Gorgon) and Impending Attack (Centaur) quests only, then return to Haven and repeat.

Note: A Minstrel or Scout with the Sojourner ability for group summon is advised to bind at the quest giver so the group can teleport back quickly.

Note: This is a great way to level from 45 to 50.

Note: A number of people play more than one character in groups here.