Project: DAoC Character Planner

I heard a rumor that I keep starting projects and never finish them, well I don’t want to disappoint. I am working on a new project, a Dark Age of Camelot Character Planner. I didn’t want to have to download software to check out my own and other peoples specs and the link for the one I used to use back in the day no longer works.

Vanesyra is also working on an awesome Template Builder.

Here is a sneak peak:

Some of the features currently implemented:

  • Almost full spell database (have to manually add a spell to a spell line at the moment – completed for clerics and paladins).
    • Spell information
    • Spell icons
    • Spell tooltips
  • The actual calculator, increasing level and specs.

Some things I am still working on

  • Making the tooltips match the in-game style.
  • Saving and loading specs
  • Compacting the UI, the spell list is still too long
  • Adding the other classes (cleric only)