My thoughts after 1 month of returning to DAoC

It has been about 1 month since I made a return to Dark Age of Camelot blogging. When I first came back to DAoC the last time I played Hibernia and this time I’ve mostly been playing on Albion (my initial realm).


I’ve been trying to help new and existing players by creating guides, and I’ve come up with a number of them during the past month.

What I’ve Done

  • Levelled Cleric, Minstrel and Scout to 50.

They’ve generally followed the pattern of Quest Hubs, occasional Battleground XP groups, low level glass quests, then the high level glass groups. That’s where the leveling guide article I wrote came in.

  • Do as many of the live event quests as possible when I see battlegroups pop up.
  • Did some glass and dragon scale farming.
  • Attempted to do RvR.


Leveling pre-35

I do really enjoy the New User Journey, the Quest Hubs make leveling easy and can be done in bitesize chunks. I often see other players doing these quests, but I haven’t done any of the Epic Encounters.

Epic Encounters

The encounters are a great idea, but people just aren’t doing them. It’s not something you can do solo unless you are a much higher level. There isn’t a whole lot of incentive to do them either, you out-level your gear pretty easily and the bonuses aren’t worth it.

Some ideas to address this could be:

  • Lower the difficulty of the encounter
  • Increase the reward of the encounter
  • Tie them in with the Epic Quests for each class
  • Introduce Mercenary NPC’s to allow you to do them solo

Leveling post-35

I found it initially quite difficult to figure out what to do after 35, yes there are some NPC’s in the secondary border keep (well, refugee camp/capital city) that direct you to do some menial tasks for low reward. This didn’t seem productive for me.

The battlegrounds at higher levels are quite RvR active, so it’s hit and miss to if you can get a group there. The solution is obviously the 35-44 glass quest you can do, this is even available at level 30. However it’s not signposted, and I only found out about it after some research (others may not).

  • There always needs to be a solo route for levelling and so there needs to be PvE Quest Hubs introduced for the last remaining battlegrounds, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49.

Group Quests

I’ve been quite lucky on one of my characters, each time I logged her in there was something happening that I wanted. This allowed me to get the guides created in record time, ever since I’ve been trying to get them completed on my other characters with no luck.

I have managed to join a guild on my characters, and sometimes there is something going on in the guild or alliance, but by nature I am a solo person.

  • Update the looking for group functionality, to make it easily accessible and function.
    • Possibly from a button on the quest journal, which flags you and finds others interested in the same quest.
  • Add ways for them to be completed solo.
    • Hi Mercenary NPC’s again.


I did attempt to kill some things in Caledonia when waiting around for a group to form to kill the Pictish King.

A few things frustrated me about this:

  • No indication when the keep would reset
    • Could be a NPC which gives a general idea to the time in the Portal Keeps.
  • No way to see who owned the Central Keep
    • Yes, you could go there and find out.
    • Flags should appear on the bridges, or near your keep to inform you.
    • A NPC near your Portal Keep could tell you.
    • A zone-wide effect could be placed over each player, the tooltip telling you.
  • Movement speed of groups with top speed and sprinting
    • This felt too silly. Seriously, standing in front of a portal keep and watching things whoosh by.
    • They were able to collecting any unsuspecting member of the realm with their speed giving them no chance to escape.
    • Give me Warhammer horses any day, at least you could see them coming, and have a chance to avoid them.
  • Killed in only a few hits
    • Yes, I wasn’t templated, but remember new players are going to try and compete with veterans.
    • Being casual, I wanted to just drop in and try to stick with the realm and kill things (leaching?), I guess it was more fun in the battlegrounds XP groups when we came across enemy realm, in lower numbers.
  • Crowd Control is ridiculous
    • Yes DAoC has always had it, but being locked out of an entire fight, even when you take damage is  frustrating.
    • In an ideal world I would remove this completely, short duration knock-downs, stuns and roots are the only thing that feels right to me.
  • Finding a group was difficult
    • Yes, being part of an active guild or alliance helps, or in /region. I miss the Warhammer Online – Open Warbands, that allowed the drop-in, drop-out style of play (at least in lower tiers).
  • Battlegroups
    • Did not share kill credits for RvR like they do for the PvE pictish, it felt a bit lick whack-a-mole, the first person to try and tag an enemy.
    • Don’t show location of members on the map, it should at least show the leader.
    • Don’t show the purpose of the battlegroup in the /who bg search, /bg note would be a good option for this.


I have another month of game time loaded onto my account, so will probably continue to play in PvE, but I think the lesson for me here is that I’m not suited to RvR play in the current DAoC game.