DAoC: The Ghostly Harvest

The Ghostly Harvest is a quest that runs during the Dark Age of Camelot Pumpkin Moon Rising live event.  It offers players level 45 and up a dangerous adventure in the frontiers.

Speak with John Tobin on the Cotswold Bridge, Foa Muldisson outside the Jordheim North Gates, or Nera by the road in Mag Mell to begin the quest.

Note:Players who completed this quest last year will now be offered it again.

You will be tasked with visiting 9 Pumpkin Patches across the frontiers, you will then be tasked with visiting a further 4 before being able to hand the quest in.

In each Pumpkin Patch will be a NPC and if a correct sequence of text is said to them they may reward you, some items will be junk, others may be worthwhile.

  • Right-click a pumpkin patch
  • Target the NPC at the patch
  • Use the following macro:

/macro text /s torment road us battle coming hal’ween other worldly xiec this to us

Quest Text


TODO: Add the remaining 4 maps.


Rewarded as you Right-Click the last Pumpkin Patch during The Ghostly Harvest quest.

Rewarded when you hand the quest in at the quest giver.

Item Rewards from speaking to the NPCs at the Pumpkin Patches.

Item Rewards for quest completion.


A big thank you goes out to the group I ran with today, as a RR1L1 Minstrel with noob gear and barely remembering how to play they led me through the steps and the fights along the way.

  • Eggtimer
  • Oyal
  • Valoni
  • Brexx
  • Kronseeds
  • Ticquila
  • Uvray