DAoC: Pictish Invasion – Ancient Battlegrounds

Dark Age of Camelot received an update a few days ago activating the next step of the Pictish Invasion Live Event which unlocks the Old Frontiers battleground of Caledonia.

The location won’t come as a surprise to regular readers of this blog, I naughtily leaked the information when browsing client changes for 1.113. I did refrain from posting screenshots of the actual zone that I obtained last week, so go me!

Ancient Battlegrounds (Level 48)






Silver-bound Chest

The Silver-bound Chest when used gives you random items.

I was rewarded with a Lesser Revivifying Salve and a Pictslayer Small Shield.

Camelot 10 Year Crest

The Camelot 10 Year Crest is a housing trophy that can be placed on the wall.

The item cannot be traded to other players, but can be placed on a wall and removed by anyone with permissions.

Image  courtesy of DAOC Trophy Mobs

Omni-Merchant Stone

The summoned NPC is also a Vault Keeper.

The summoned NPC lasts about 30 seconds, with a 5 second cast time.


There are two titles unlocked with this latest quest, Caledonia Skirmisher and Conqueror of Caledonia.

Skirmisher is reported to be unlocked when you enter Caledonia and Conqueror is reported to be rewarded after you kill the King.


Caledonia Medallion of Passage

To enter Caledonia you need the Caledonia Medallion of Passage, if you don’t have one – see below.

Your Tarnished Medallion of Passage has has automatically been changed for you into a Caledonia Medallion of Passage.


  • Equip the medallion and stand on the portal pad in your main border keep
  • Wait for the portal ceremony to begin.
  • Every 15 minutes or so casters will walk down from a room and surround the portal pad
  • A few seconds later they will cast a spell and teleport those within it who are wearing the medallion. – “NECK CHECK!!”

Don’t have a Medallion of Passage?

The repeatable Enemies of Old has been updated to now reward you with the Medallion.

Due to battlegroup credit and farm groups the rewards have been reduced.

  • Dragon Scale Cache have been reduced from 250 to 50.
  • Gold has been reduced from 275 to 110.

Defeating King Cruithne

After the portal ceremony you will find yourself in your realms Portal Keep.

There is a Buff NPC here.

To leave the zone, there is a Pictish portal in the lower room of the keep (Albion) and on the main floor (Midgard and Hibernia).

Head over the bridge towards the Central Keep

If Picts control the keep you will see their banners outside and doors will open without any siege weapons.

Head up two floors to fight and defeat the lord.

The guard spawns are fairly rapid.

Once the lord is defeated a guard contingent will spawn, and you will be able to repair the gates and close them.

The keep will reset after a period of time and will be controlled by Picts again.


Those who are running map packs may not have a map for this zone (I didn’t but others have).

To get a map for this zone:

  • Go to you ui/maps folder
  • Copy z250.dds and paste in the same folder, name it to z166.dds.


Eaderbreca ran a group and captured Caledonia for the first time, you can watch the video below.