DAoC: Pictish Invasion – An Encroaching Threat

Stage 2 of the Dark Age of Camelot Pictish Invasion Live Event started 24 January 2012.

Royal Emissaries have been sent to the border keep of the realms to direct the response to the threat.

  • Commander Wentworth on the New Frontiers side of Castle Sauvage for Albion.
  • Commander Hrudin on the New Frontiers side of Svasud Faste for Midgard.
  • Commander Locke on the New Frontiers side of Druim Ligen for Hibernia.

Defenders of the realm are directed to locate a Pictish Settlement in the Frontiers and slay Pictish Settlers until they locate information relating to the Pictish Invasion.

An Encroaching Threat (Level 50)

Recommendation: Solo or Duo.

The first quest for this live event is to assess the threat of the Pictish camps. This guide will be from the perspective of Hibernia.

First locate Commander Locke the Royal Emissary on the New Frontiers side of Druim Ligen.

He is directly left of the door as you exit, on the way to the portal stone.

Accept the quest An Encroaching Threat (Level 50) from him and begin a dialogue.


Hail, Celt. I have received unsettling reports from our Rangers in the field. Speak with me and I shall tell you more.

They tell me that Pictish invaders have made camp in the frontiers of Hibernia. I know little of these people save the fact they are bloodthirsy thieves. It is my fear that they may ally themselves with the crusaders of Albion, or worse still, the [heathens] of Hibernia.

I ask for your service, Animist. I must know more about these Pictish invaders. A few of the encampments have been [discovered], but more spring up every day.

Our Rangers report two settlements in [Hibernia]’s lands. If it’s excitement you see, Celt, then I can speak to you of the settlements in [Albion], [Midgard], and [Agramon].

In Emain Macha, south and west of Dun Crimthainn and in Breifine south and west of Dun da Behn Pictish Homesteads have been spotted.

In Hadrian’s Wall south and west of Caer Berkstead and in Pennine Mountains far south and west of Caer Sursbrooke Pictish Homesteads have been spotted.

In Odin’s Gate along the north bank of the river east of Bledmeer Faste, and east of Glenlock Faste at the base of a great mound our Scouts have reported Pictish Homesteads.

In Agramon along the borders of the great island in alcoves within the rockface Pictish homestreads have been reported. Three have been spotted thusfar.

Locate a Pictish Settlement in the Frontiers and slay Pictish Settlers until you receive a Pictish Tartan. Once done, kill a Pictish Warlord to obtain a Scroll containing with information on their invasion, then return to Commander Locke at Druim Ligen.

List of Pictish Settlements in the Frontiers

Next we locate a Pictish camp, I have chosen the one in Breifine that is south and west of Dun da Behn.

The Pictish camps are a selection of tents and items.

On the outskirts of the camp are Pictish Wolfhounds, they are Yellow to level 50 but have a long aggro radius, they respawn quickly.

The Pictish Settlers are Orange to level 50 and are all over the camp.

The Pictish Warlord is at the center of the camp, and is Purple to level 50, he will have a number of abilities to use against you.

Kill Pictish Settlers until you obtain a Pictish Tartan.

Next kill the Pictish Warlord in the center of the camp to obtain a Rawhide Scroll.


  • 250 Bounty Points
  • 3,200,000,000 Experience Points
  • 165 gold and some silver
  • 300 Glass Cache
  • 100 Dragon Scale Cache

Thanks to Slurz