Project Etopia 0.3 Update

Just an update on Project Etopia in its current form based on the roadmap presented earlier.

0.1 – Generate Isometric Grid

The first task was to create a grid, the core part of the game world.


  • Grid Scrolling (To Do)
  • Zoom Grid (To Do)
  • Highlight Cell on Mouse Hover (Done)
  • Grid Tooltip (To Do)

0.2 – Spawn Player Character Sprite

Next I had to spawn a player character, the plan is to have tons of these on the screen.


0.3 – Move Player Character Sprite

The final task on this portion of development was to move the character sprite around on the screen.

At the moment this movement is free, there is no lines or pathing to be done, no roads to follow, I need to think more on this.


  • Can’t move off edge of grid (To Do)

Next Tasks

The next things to do are the following:

  • Display Player Character to other Players
  • Generate Terrain
    • Terrain movement limitations
  • Generate Resources
    • Resources movement limitations
  • Create GUI
  • Harvest Resources (Manual Trigger)
  • Build Structure (Manual Trigger)
    • Structure movement limitations
  • Create AI
    • Movement
    • Resource Harvest
    • Structure Build

Concluding Thoughts

Although some steady progress is being made on the game, I’m not finding the engine appealing, and there are some limitations.

I keep thinking about Unity, but I will try and finish the roadmap before I relent and move there.