3D DAoC Figures

The Idea

3D printing is a relatively new area, me and my brother have been discussing getting into the market before it really takes off in a few years.

The Research

Doing some research I found an an existing website set up for making figures for World of Warcraft. Naturally I started investigating the process that  I could use to do this for Dark Age of Camelot.

The options could be to buy a 3D printer myself, but I’d have to make enough money to justify it. So the first choice was to look at other companies that could print them for me and I found Shapeways which have a great website set up to allow for prototyping.


The formats they accept for their uploads and previews are DAE, OBJ, STL, X3D, X3DB, X3DV, WRL. I’ve not heard of any of them apart from .obj but that rings a bell for me.

Back when I was attempting to create a DAoC Model Viewer website I had used a method to convert .nif files (the format that DAoC uses) to .obj. So I dug up these old test files and uploaded them to the website to see the previews.

The edges seem a little rough and I have not been able to apply the textures to them just yet (I’m not sure if the preview just doesn’t show them).

Here are the ones others I’ve tried: