Project Etopia

I’m notorious for not finishing projects and my game project (codename Etopia) is no different. I’ve been working on some tech demos recently to try and figure out how I want to proceed with the project.

Project Aims

The outlines I have for this game could be described as an Isometric Fantasy Dynasty Simulator, however I would rather it be full 3D although I just don’t have the knowledge for that at the moment.

Project Tech

I’ve decided to use for now HTML5’s Canvas functionality with JavaScript, this allows for usage on mobile devices as well as desktops natively.

I spent some time learning Unity but it is overkill for now and I would rather get a prototype out and this is the simplest way.


I’ve settled on a roadmap to at least get something workable out there to see if I want to continue.

  1. (Engine) Generate Isometric Grid.
  2. (Engine) Spawn Player Character Sprite.
  3. (Engine) Move Player Character Sprite.
  4. (Engine) Display Player Character to other Players.
  5. (GUI) Display Character Info.
  6. (GUI) Display Actions a Character can take.
  7. (GUI) Display current resources.
  8. (Engine) Harvest Resources
  9. (Engine) Build Structure