GW2: Unity Dirty Dozen – 19th Sep 2012

My guild on Guild Wars 2 – Unity (Aurora Glade), has a special World vs World event every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This event is called Dirty Dozen and focus on using superior tactics such as clever siege engine usage and flanking to allow us to fight superior numbers.

This event was open to all members of the server, not just the guild as long as they followed orders and joined us on voice chat. This is done once a week to improve community spirit and help share our tactics.

The comments in this post are from our Guild Leader and Dirty Dozen commander Skly.

Another awesome open-mic night! special thanks to our guests.

Well Etaew has made my life much simpler, so big ty to him for streaming this event.

Last night the DD focused on co-oping with the map commander Dracoo….the resulting spinoff of co-operation was total domination in pretty much any action we chose.

As you will see in the vids that follow, we managed to recapture 2 orbs….including the one that was held by the german Dreadfall fortress for 4 days solid. Also captured Stonemist castle. There was multiple zonings between maps by large masses of us….the transitions were quick+our objectives were completed within minutes.

Anway, the vids will give you a better idea enjoy:

Keep Defence – Portals

Supply Camp Defence

I love this structure :)

Tower Defence – Flank

Sandwich anyone? :d

Keep Defence

Keep Defence – Siege & Bottleneck

Getting quicker with seige placement, but still room for improvement:

Keep Defence – Push

Anyone know that song: “Sittin’ at the dock of the bay”? I love that song :d

Skly leading a suicidal jump

*cough* tactical research on height survivability *cough* :lol: :lol:

Keep Defence – Flank

This clip I feel epitomizes how much difference direct communication, like comms, and quick group reaction can make in a chaotic situation: (shame it cuts off, we wiped them there+proceeded to help our server push into the garrison and capturing it.)

(My game crashed)

2 Keep Defences – Push

Keep Defence – Flank

Orb Movement

Once again big ty to all for great attendance.

Special thanks too to Telen+Lilshoota for helping me test if 3 can solo a dreaming bay keep lord….warning to our opponents: check your entire keep b4 u leave, just cause no one defended, doesnt mean no one is watching ;-) lol us literally standing in the open hoping not to be spotted. We got about 4 tries on the lord (reset+rez), mobs respawn fast….cant say for sure yet if it is not possible…..eventually someone came to check why keep was contested and that was the end of that attempt.