EJ#7 Yes I’ve Been Playing Guild Wars 2 Edition

It has been a month since I last posted a gaming update, you may have noticed Guild Wars 2 has released. I have switched my blog over from posting Dark Age of Camelot guides to Guild Wars 2 guides.

I have mostly been playing Guild Wars 2, but I have also been continuing to play Crusader Kings 2 and recently returned to Left For Dead 2.

Guild Wars 2

I had to pause with my main Guardian who is level 50, and I started creating alts, I have taken a Thief, Mesmer and Ranger to around level 20.

Here are some brief impressions of GW2 that have not yet made it into article or guide format.


The game is pretty, the towns are well designed, and the the loading screens are pretty cool. It’s a nice world to play in.

Completion Guide

The completion indicators are genius, they provide you with things to do when in a zone, and reward you appropriately. Each area has Tasks, Waypoints, Points of Interest, Skill Challenges and Vistas. They also display on each loading screen reminding you of things you need to do in the zone.

Area Influence

These are effectively quests, but are more like the Public Quests of Warhammer Online, they provide you an indicator of the appropriate level range of the surrounding area. They can be completed in many ways, for example in the very first one in the Human area you can Feed Cows, Water Plants, Defeat Worms or Bandits.

If you are visiting an area which is a lower level than you, your rewards remain the same but your effective level is scaled down.


These allow instant teleportation anywhere in the world for a small fee, this is very clever, it takes away the requirement to go into towns for flight paths and the time consumed to fly there. It allows for quick movement when events are spotted in the world. You need to run up to each waypoint to activate them.

There is an experience reward that scales with your level when you unlock these.

Points of Interest

These are location unlocks and serve the purpose of allowing you to explore parts of the map where interesting dynamic events may take place.

There is an experience reward that scales with your level when you unlock these.

Skill Challenges

These are special events which reward you with an extra skill point on completion, having these around the map draw people to them and the challenge as with all dynamic events scales with the amount of participants.


These are unlockable camera pannings which show a particular area of interest, I find they have great comedy value and utility, since they are not cutscenes as the camera pans out you can see all of the people who haven’t made the jumping challenge failing below you, and in World vs World you can see the enemy beating on the door of your fortress.

There is an experience reward that scales with your level when you unlock these.


Scouts open your map, and talk you through areas of interest in the surrounding area. They direct you towards the influence rewards and explain the situation.

Dynamic Events

NPC’s you meet grab your attention and direct you to the action.

If you are visiting an area which is a lower level than you, your rewards remain the same but your effective level is scaled down.

No Competition

The design of the game is based on no competition.

This follows through when killing monsters for experience, the drops and experience is awarded equally, it is not lessened.

When participating in events the more players in the area the more difficult the encounter, but better the reward and drops.

When a resource node appears on the map, everyone can collect from it.

Daily Tasks

(And monthly) these aren’t the typical quests, they are just automatically tracked and you are instantly rewarded.

The tasks include killing different types of creature, completing different events, and gathering different crafting materials.

Weapon Based Abilities

The first 5 abilities are granted based on the weapons you have equipped.

Most classes can swap between two weapons instantly.

This means you can completely change how you play just by changing the weapon.


There are no dedicated tanks and healers, you all play as DPS.

Granted some classes have abilities which can allow for a better supporting role, but these are not dedicated roles.

In dungeons, expect people to be downed, but the downed state is temporary if you are coordinated and can revive (all classes can).

World vs World

The main thing I love about World vs World is that I can hop into it as soon as I get out of the tutorial, some of my alts I have levelled purely though the PvP, there are many ways to gain experience and equipment when fighting in the borderlands.

This is due to the level scaling, you are effectively boosted to 80 whilst retaining your abilities. Merchants, rewards and drops scale with your level.

The next awesome thing is that it is DAoC Old Frontiers style, there are three servers competing, and how well they do over a period of time determines who they will be paired against next. There are 4 borderlands to fight in, each server has a home borderland and there the Eternal Battlegrounds where the three servers attempt to take and hold a central fortress.


Yes, there has been problems in the first month.

  • The first problem involved getting parties in the same server instance, this affected dungeons and server guesting.
  • The guild chat was bugged for a long time as well where people could not send or receive messages.
  • Guild upgrades also did not work correctly for a while.
  • The auction house did not work for a period of time.
  • And the mail system also did not work correctly for a while.
  • Most of these issues have been resolved pretty quickly.

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