GW2: Waypoints

Waypoints are the primary method of movement around the Guild Wars 2 world. They provide instant teleportation to anywhere on the world map and are found at most major locations in each zone.

Unlocking a Waypoint

Locked Waypoint

To use a waypoint they must be unlocked. Locked waypoints are displayed with an empty center and cannot be clicked.

Waypoint Discovery

To unlock a waypoint you must run up to them, it will reward you with experience and add towards your map completion.

Unlocked Waypoint

Once the waypoint is unlocked you can click on them on your minmap or your world map (M) and teleport to them for a small fee.

– The larger the distance the greater the cost.
– The higher your level the greater the cost.
– You cannot teleport when in combat.


Respawning at a Waypoint

When you are defeated in combat you will be prompted to select a waypoint to respawn at.

Teleporting to a waypoint will work as usual.


Contested Waypoint

Contested waypoints are under attack or captured during an event.

You cannot teleport to contested waypoints instead you can use a nearby waypoint and head over there in order to help defend.

World vs World

Border & Keep Waypoints

In World vs World there are waypoints at your Border spawn, this is where you tend to release to once you die.

Keeps can also be upgraded to have a waypoint at higher levels.