GW2: Tutorial Basics

This article is a brief guide to the things you will encounter after you have created your character and hit the tutorial.

Tutorial Instance

When you first start the game, you are placed in an instance. You can see this from the map with lines through all the areas that are inaccessible.

You can walk out of the instance area but you will be teleported back to the start.

Quest Tracker

In the top-right of the screen is the quest tracker. It will show your personal story quest name, description and the next task.

If you move your mouse over the quest, it will flash on the minimap the target location.

Quest Targets

Quest related NPC’s have a green target above their heads.

Talking to NPC’s

Chat Bubble & Voice

As you encounter NPC’s in the world, some may talk to you. Some will  display a chat bubble above their head and speak out loud to you.

You can right-click or press F when you are close to them to initiate a conversation.

Quest Conversations

Quest conversations tend to be rendered and voiced by both the player and the target NPC.

The two characters talking face eachother on each side of the screen with a graphical background image.

Normal Conversations

Other conversations appear in a popup.

There is text displayed at the top section, and then a number of options with an icon and a line of text appear after it.

Weapon Skills

When you enter the game you have 3 skills on your left quickbar slots 1-3, although only one is active.

After fighting a few monsters you will begin to unlock the next skill.

When you equip a two handed weapon or an offhand you will unlock slots 4 and 5.

Other abilities of note at the start are class specific, F1-F3 and the healing ability marked as 6.

The skills are determined by the weapon you carry, you can see a list of skills weapons will give you on the Hero – Skills and Traits – Weapon Skills menu.


After you kill an enemy, sometimes loot will drop. This loot is unique to you, don’t worry about others picking it up they will get their own spawned.

The corpse will sparkle, move close to it to and it will tell you to Search with the F key. Press this and a loot window will pop up, press F again and it you will pick it up.

I prefer going to the options screen and enabling autoloot, this means you just need to press the F once.

World Event

Occasionally when walking around the world an event will appear in your quest tracker.

If it is a group event it will have the tag [Group Event], other events can be completed with smaller numbers.

Hovering over the event will flash an indication on your minimap where the event is.

The event icons will give you an indication of what type of an event it is. There are events such as kill someone, defend a location, defend a NPC, capture a location and retrieve items.

The events will show different information based on the type of the event, such as the number of waves remaining, or the health or a particular NPC.

As well as appearing in the tracker it will appear in the minimap, with an icon for the target and an circle area.


Your target is displayed in the middle at the top of your screen. Any special abilities the NPC has is displayed below the health bar.

More difficult targets are displayed with a gold outline, any effects are displayed below the health. Red icons are Conditions consider them debuffs, and gold icons are boons consider them buffs.

On boss fights you can target different parts of the target, it is represented with a crosshair.


After finishing the tutorial (and after each story quest) you will get a reward screen.

This will allow you to select a reward and see the monetary and experience value.