GW2: My Overview & First Purchase

If you hadn’t heard Guild Wars 2 launched, you may have noticed an absence of posting recently from my blog. I jumped straight in with my guild at headstart and started levelling and I haven’t got sick of it yet.

I really am enjoying the game, it does some things so well. Not only is it new and shiny, it just makes sense. I would really love for some of my other games that I love to take some of these brilliant ideas and implement them.

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) Raptr hasn’t tracked my playtime properly since I’ve started playing. I have GW2 installed on two drives, a HDD and  SSD, and Raptr currently can’t handle tracking games in different directories.

In this post I talk about:

  • What I’ve been up to
  • My first store purchase

I will be posting a new article each day covering things that I like about the game.



My main character is a Level 40 Guardian, he is the equivalent of a Cleric/Paladin type of character in other games. Since there are no real defined Tank/Healer classes, they are all DPS. I have been playing this character a ton in World vs World with my guild and seriously enjoying it. I certainly am not the best and I am still learning.

I have been levelling up using a Mace and a Shield, with these abilities I can hold my own when taking an enemy head-on. My alternate set of abilities are when holding a Scepter and a Focus, this gives me some ranged attacks. My Utility Skills are set up for group support and are shouts which provide various Boons to allies.

I have not yet settled on alts, I have tried creating a few but the only one that really has kept my interest has been the Ranger and the Engineer.

I do feel pretty restricted with the characters I can create, you start with only 5 character slots, and these are tied to the account, you cannot go to another server and create characters there. Although you can transfer your entire account to another server pretty easily.

The game also allows guesting, which allows you to group up with friends on other servers (in the same region) and play together much like The Secret World.

First Purchase

I made a purchase using the game store yesterday, I wanted another slot to put some alts in. Purchasing the slots cost me 800 gems, which worked out at £8.50.

The process was pretty painless, I could buy everything in-game with just my card details, that I can set it to remember or not. The other option for my country was PayPal, which is pretty awesome for people who don’t want to give out card information.

Gems can also be traded for in-game gold, the current price is 2 silver per10 gems. I have not tried using this currency exchange system as I feel this price is pretty low. Maybe I’m just spoiled by all the gold I have in other games.