Two days ago I hit the milestone of 30,000 views on this blog, it comes just before my 1 year blogging anniversary. I’ll take this time to thank a few people and look back at the posts I’ve made and cringe.


I want to say thanks to a few people especially.

  • Eaderbreca for featuring my guides on her blog
  • Grakulen for raising my rep in his streams, and giving me a nice subject to blog about
  • beibhinn at PostCount for highlighting some of my blog posts
  • Idrinth for highlighting me on WAAAGH.de when I was posting Warhammer Articles
  • Readers at PostCount where I’ve been spamming links
  • Readers at Freddyshouse another place I’ve been spamming links

Also a big thanks for everyone who does view my posts, I try to make them interesting and provide useful information (I don’t always present it in the best format)


The first phase I went through blogging was announcing news, this included summing up news displayed elsewhere and giving my opinion on it.

I did notice a trick about the view count mid way through my year, when making posts which contain image galleries, the full page images counted as a view each, and when people moved to the next image it was another view, I released two posts which did this and each received thousands of views, this felt unnatural so I’ve avoided doing it since.

From this point I then went on to make my own suggestions and tried to back them up with reasonable arguments and images to punctuate the point.

I attempted to make some regular series, I started with a DAoC: What If but I didn’t continue it past the third posting. I did find a nice opening for Journeys and I then began to create Screenshot Journeys with descriptions of my encounters through a game.

I then settled down to make Guides focusing on New and Returning Players for Dark Age of Camelot, I found this the most rewarding.

The latest thing I have started doing is working on summaries, I started a Etaew’s Gaming Journal section, updating weekly what I had been playing and doing, using Raptr to track my playtime, and then summarising the weeks posts. As I continue to make blog posts I keep trying to refine the way I do things, hopefully things will keep getting better.

Top Subjects

Although I’ve made a few posts about other BioWare Mythic games like Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the majority have been on Dark Age of Camelot, and the top categories and tags lists on my stats reflects that.

Top 10 Posts

Since then I published 162 articles with the most successful  being:

1. DAoC 1.110 – UI / Experience

with 1,083 views

One of my oldest guides, I learned that a lot of people will view articles with screenshots on something they can’t be bothered to check out themselves, in this article I previewed the New User Journey that was still in testing.

2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Review

with 848 views

Another very old guide which doesn’t do much apart from list some good and bad points that I found when playing Knights of the Old Republic, I put this view count down to the mis-searching of some people looking for Star Wars: The Old Republic posts.

3. DAoC Returning Players

with 732 views

This article covers reasons to re-subscribe and information that was copied from VNBoards, unfortunately since VNBoards shut down the majority of links in the article no longer work. Yet people continue to search and find this page.

4. DAoC: Live Event – Pictish Invasion

with 710 views

One of my best performing guides, at this point I had settled in a reporting format and style, this guide contains information and screenshots for the various quests associated with the Pictish Invasion Live Event on DAoC.

5. DAoC: Trials of Atlantis – Glass (40-50)

with 394 views

This guide gave a run-through of a glass quest in the level 40-50 range.

6. DAoC: Lot Finder NPC

with 392 views

This post was a suggestion to Mythic to address problems that DAoC players face when looking for a free housing lot. This post get a number of hits for searches asking how to find a free lot, and so it may be misleading.

7. DAoC: 1.112 Patch (Screenshots)

with 370 views

Patch 1.112 brought in some changes to relic keeps, I went onto Pendragon and took some screenshots.

8. DAoC Web NIF Viewer

with 322 views

In this post I highight a way to convert NIFs to OBJ files and display them on a website.

9. DAoC: Livestream with @Grakulen and @DAoCDev  – Midgard (Thidranki)

with 305 views

One of my mainstay articles have been covering Grakulen as he does his livestreams with the DAoC dev team, this post was the most recent event and I’m glad it has done so well.

10. DAoC: Wayback Wednesday (Mythic Q&A) Transcript Part 1

with 264 views

This was my very first coverage of Grakulen’s livestream, in this set of articles I transcribe the conversations in detail.