DAoC: Patch 1.113 – Unannounced Changes

Recently Dark Age of Camelot released Patch 1.113. This update brought in some Resist, Realm Ability and Mauler changes.

There were also some unannounced changes in the client, brought in most likely to facilitate a progression in the Pictish Invasion Live Event.


  • Added 1 new model and 3 new textures to the patcher
  • Added icons for Siege Ward and Enchanter Damage Debuff
  • Added a new item/object named Caledonia Portal.
  • Added a new jump point with the name BG50.
  • Added an effect for Siege Ward.
  • Changed a ton of spells Play Animation field, not sure what this changes.


Obviously the big news is the Caledonia Portal and the naming of the jump that will point to Caledonia as BG50.This makes you ask the question is the BG50 only for the Live Event itself? or will it be permanent?

For those who did not play the game before New Frontiers, the Caledonia Battleground was in the Old Frontiers keep designs with an Albion Central Keep for the level ranges of 30 – 35Caledonia is the name of the lands North of Hadrian’s Wall (Scotland) it is controlled by the Picts.

The portal itself is not in the game world, I launched my test server and spawned the object in game. What this means is that when the Live Event is ready to progress, it can be added to the world in any location that is wanted. I also tried to teleport into Caledonia to take a look around but the zone does not yet load correctly for me.


The way I see the Live Event progressing:

  • The Caledonia Portal will be discovered a new Quest will be introduced as Realm Scholars figure it out.
  • The Tarnished Medallion of Passage will become a Medallion of Passage.
  • You will have to equip it.
  • You will either walk into, or right-click on the Caledonia Portal in game.
  • You will be teleported to Caledonia.

The central keep could be held by Picts and the three realms could compete or work together to capture it. Or it could just be a plain old battleground.

I’m often wrong