DAoC: 1.113 Patch Today

Dark Age of Camelot will be applying Patch 1.113 today with the following highlights:

  • The realm’s Kings have dispatched new Relic Guards to defend captured Relics!
  • A new Scaling Difficulty system for Relic Guards and Envoys has been added!
  • Resistance Spells have undergone some significant changes in this patch!
  • Realm Enhancement NPCs in New Frontiers, Labyrinth, Darkness Falls, and Cathal Valley now sell Resist Tokens!
  • Many Realm Abilities have received changes. These are sure to change the strategies and tactics of RvR!
  • Maulers have gotten some significant updates. Each realm would be wise to make room for their Labyrinth brethren in their groups!

Read Patch 1.113 Full Patch Notes

We will be bringing all servers offline on Wednesday, August 22nd, for the implementation of Patch 1.113. All servers will be coming down at 6:00 am EST / 12:00 pm CET. We anticipate that all servers will be back online no later than 1:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm CET.

Quickbars Reset

Due to the changes many classes will be receiving a respec, this will mean for a number of users that their quickbars will be reset.

If you want to save your quickbars you should follow the steps in Eaderbreca’s Guide.