EJ#6: Pre GW2 Edition

This article series is based around the games that I play on a weekly basis, with the help of Raptr which tracks my game play times. It also allows me to summarise and highlight my week in blogging.

I’ve had to go back to the last couple of articles and update the numbers, since I realised I did a few earlier posts in the series and forgot about them.


I still haven’t settled on a name for this article series. Since the updates also cover projects I am working on and updates on my blogging it can’t be gaming exclusive.

  • Etaew’s Journal (EJ)
  • Etaew’s Week (EW) – lol I’d love to justify an EWW
  • Etaew’s Update (EU)
  • Week Update – (WU)


This week has been a bumper week for gameplay, I have rekindled my interest in a few old addictive games, helped by the joining of a uni friend to play multiplayer.

Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 is a Grand Strategy game by Paradox Interactive set between 1066 and 1453. It was released in February this year.

A large chunk of time was spent in one night playing multiplayer as William the Conqueror claiming England from my provinces of Normandy, and the main years of keeping the English lords in line. As well as my ally Denmark who managed to secure a number of surrounding territories. The overall objectives for our multiplayer game is to create the Empire of Britannia and the Empire of Scandinavia.

  • Week Slot #1 with 23 Hours played.
  • Month Slot #2 with 23 Hours played .

Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game created by BioWare Mythic. Where three kingdoms are locked in an endless war in a world where Arthurian Lore, Celtic Legends and Nordic Mythology combine. It was released in 2001 and was my first on-line game.

During this week I reached Level 25 on my Warden finishing up the town of Ardagh and arriving in Howth. I also levelled a Ranger to Level 14 to try out the battlegrounds.

  • Week Slot #2 with 5 Hours played.
  • Month Slot #2 with 27 Hours played .

Aion: Ascention

Aion is a Massively Multiplayer On-line Roleplaying Game released in 2009 by NCsoft that has become Free to Play this year.

This week I reached Level 10 with my Warrior and chose the path of a Templar finishing the initial zone of Poeta. Settled into Sanctum and moved into a new zone.

A few things that I noticed during my play session this week.

  • Loading speed is super fast, I didn’t actually notice any loading once I got to the character select screen.
  • You can change your characters animations to aid in character personalization, I really like this.
  • Setting a Title applies a bonus to a stat or skill, this is super!
  • I disliked having to enter an 8 digit pin to log into my character, I understand from a security perspective, but its a barrier to the casual impulse playing that I do.
  • I liked a single Gathering Skill without any Gathering Equipment.
  • I liked the Quest Journal, with the ability to click on important names to see more information, and the Locate button, showing where a pesky item is hiding.
  • Flight Taxi Routes were enjoyable, not a static boring ride, it sweeps down over terrain giving you an enjoyable view.
  • The Map has an ability to Find a NPC by Name which is awesome!
  • Towns have the standard Gold Spammers, the annoying thing is that chat bubbles appear and there doesn’t seem to be a reporting feature 😦
  • Game Tips after showing on the loading screen display on the in-game chat log, a nice touch.
  • Love Flying, and flying combat.

Weekly gaming stats:

  • Week Slot #3 with 4 Hours played.
  • Month Slot #6 with7 Hours played .


Borderlands is a First Person Role Playing Shooter from Gearbox Software released in 2010. It is set on an alien planet wasteland in the future.

This week the DLC was finished and we started playing through Playthrough 2.

  • Week Slot #4 with 3 Hours played.
  • Month Slot #1 with 42 Hours played .


This week I have re-organised the top navigation bar for the site.

  • Added a new link for Streams
  • Shortened the submenu texts
  • Added a link to specific DAoC guides
  • Added a link to specific Feature article series

The most popular posts for this week have been the following:

New articles this week:


DAoC Herald

I have worked and almost completed the uploading and parsing for the DAoC Herald. Individual sessions can be uploaded, and even if you use the same chatlog file, it will only upload new sessions. Sessions can then be viewed on the sessions page.

There is a bug where things do not display correctly if a player dies a natural or non-player death.

Now that the data is in, I will iron out the bugs and build up the advanced statistics.

You can give it a go in its basic form.

DAoC Wiki

I have decided to start work again on the Dark Age of Camelot Wiki, my current focus is the Quests section which covers the New User Journey.

I’ve also placed an adoption request for the Other Dark Age of Camelot Wiki, with an overall goal of merging the two (I want the URL it uses).


Now that Guild Wars 2 has finished patching it is time to spend my weekend on that and finish this article. See you next week.