DAoC Herald – Project Update

Last month I posted about a web page project I was working on for Dark Age of Camelot. It was designed as a herald that would track statistics as a crowd-sourced replacement for the DAoC Herald that was taken down.

I had some problems that I didn’t want to think of a solution to and paused the development for a while, but with Grakulen’s next livestream (September 12th) I thought it would be nice to have somewhere they could be stored and shared. Plus I always love tracking just how many times Grak dies.

Here is a quick update.


One of the problems I faced was that it needed people a number of people online all of the time to make it work, these people would always have the chat logs running and upload them immediately to the website. That was quite unlikely.

Another problem was that the chat logs that the system relied on was tuned to the local machines time, there was no way to sync events that happened at the same time, for example when a kill was captured from two different perspectives.

I have a solution mapped out in my head, relying on getting the time difference from the local machine and the web server, and then using that to adjust the logs.

Change of Direction

I’ve reduced the scope and complexity of the problem for now and the page now is focused on providing a way to store, look at stats and share RvR sessions.


  • Upload a chat log
  • Entries are created for each chat log session
  • If you upload the same chat log again, it will only add entries for sessions that have not already been uploaded.
  • For each session a complete kill list will be displayed, showing the killer, the victim and the location of death.

Planned Features

  • Viewing a session will show basic statistics, such as total number of deaths and kills stored, and the most violent locations.
  • You will be able to view the individual statistics for each character and location
  • Figure out a way to track global stats, but not count duplicate entries.
  • Have a user registration system to properly track and list sessions

As well as working on these planned features, I need to address an issue where if your chat log starts before midnight, and some events go past midnight, the time tracking for the kills don’t count it as the next day.