EJ#5: Witty Title Edition

EDIT: This is apparently the Fifth instalment.

After a month’s gap I return for the Third instalment of Etaew’s Journal. An article which attempts to regularly document the games that I am playing, what I think of them and what I’m up to. As well as highlighting some of the weeks popular articles.


My memory isn’t awesome, so thankfully I have Raptr to track all my hours for me. Check out My Raptr Profile. I am using playtime as a good benchmark for my enjoyment of a game, since I play so many it has to compete to keep my attention.

#1 Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game where three kingdoms are locked in an endless war in a world where Arthurian Lore, Celtic Legends and Nordic Mythology combine. It was released in 2001 and was my first on-line game.

This week I spent some time with Grakulen levelling up on Midgard, some time levelling up my Warden and the rest of the time on my Hunter preparing the Hand of Skadi: Chapter 4 – Audliten article.

  • Week Slot #1 with 12 Hours played.
  • Month Slot #3 with 25 Hours played .

#2 Borderlands

Borderlands is a First Person Role Playing Shooter that I’ve rediscovered. I have owned the title for a while but it just didn’t appeal to me on Single Player. My brother has recently got into the game so we put in a number of hours Co-operatively which makes it far more enjoyable.

This week after finishing the Main Campaign we’ve been chugging through the DLC, with the Zombie one and the Claptrap Rebellion ones completed.

  • Week Slot #2 with 10 Hours played
  • Month Slot #1 with 39 Hours played.

#3 Aion

Aion is a Massively Multiplayer On-line Roleplaying Game released in 2009 that has become Free to Play this year.

Aion is a new edition for this week, I had bought the game for a month when an expansion hit a while ago but it never captured me. With it now being Free to Play and some gentle endorsement from Eaderbreca I am giving it another chance.

I have spent my first hour in the game creating a few characters and getting them on the right server. I am currently a Level 6 Fighter working my way through the starting area quests.

Its a refreshing change to the old feel to DAoC, the grind of WAR and the darkness of TSW. It is very Korean, and some things frustrate me, but the game runs so smooth and has some nice UI features. I quite like the chain abilities.

  • Week Slot #3 with 1 Hour played.

Other Games

  • Warhammer Online is untouched this week, although Idrinth and me do plan some Greenskin time next week.
  • The Secret World automatically billed me this month, it is something I had forgotten about. I have hardly played recently, and don’t plan to this month. I guess it’s why they had us set up a subscription before we started playing. Sneaky Funcom, sneaky!
  • I’ve played an hour of RIFT trying to work through a few more of the quests that I have yet to complete. The expansion looks like its going to add a bunch of neat changes but I’m not a regular enough player to justify getting it.


My top blog posts for this week are the following:

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DAoC: Livestream with @Grakulen and @DAoCDev – Midgard (Thidranki)

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