Hand of Skadi: Chapter 4 – Audliten

Hand of Skadi is a Dark Age of Camelot series of articles which cover the Midgard PvE Campaign up to Level 35 from the perspective of a Norse Hunter.


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Chapter 4

We rejoin our hero at Level 20 as he is teleported to Audliten from Fort Veldon to deliver the Runestone of Ymir to Petle.

One of the main buildings in Audliten.

Safeguarding the Future

Petle is thankful for me bringing the sacred relic to her, and says Midgard owes me a debt of gratitude.

Welcome to Audliten

Huntress Kyrelda, a Svealand Trapper, welcomes me to Audliten, explaining that the town has been having problems with Blodfelag.

The gates of the Midgard Fortress in Thidranki,

Battlegrounds: Keeping Up Their Spirits (20)

Hjorgar wants me to deliver a Barrel of Ale to Captain Astridr for the fighters in Thidranki to keep their morale up.

I speak with Channeler Alesa the Battleground Channeler for Audliten to secure passage to Thidranki.

Captain Astridr is grateful as her company has been waiting on the delivery for some time.

I speak with Garvid the Audliten Channeler to secure passage back to Audliten.

Returning to Hjorgar Mildrslag he thanks me for my work and offers me a little something as a reward.

A forest to the east of Audliten.

Helping Out & Harvest Time (20)

Now that I am settled in to town, Petle has a few tasks for me.

First on the list is Gerrid, a resident armor merchant. She needs some special supplies for her trade.

Gerrid requires some some special silk for some of her armor recipes, she asks me to obtain some from the harvestmen to the east and she will reward me.

I collect pristine harvest silk from a harvestman spider and return to Geirrid who thanks me for my donation and rewards me with a Gemstone.

A boobrie nest on the shore of Audliten.

Lefur’s Errand & Boobrie Raid! (20)

Petle informs me that Lefur needs someone to run an errand for him, she sends me to go talk to him.

Lefur says it’s been weeks since he had a good omlette and today is the day he wants to satisfy his palate.

He wants me to fetch some eggs from the boobrie nest just along the shore to the east.

Casting aside his selfish desires over the priorities of the realm I agree based on the promise of a reward which will aid me.

On the south edge of town at the waters edge I raid a boobrie nest and claim some eggs for Lefur.

Returning to Lefur he rewards me with a belt and he prepares to make his omelette, I begin to wonder about the priorities of some townsfolk.

One of Audliten’s bridges.

What’s That Ruckus? & Water Under the Bridge (21)

Petle has heard something like a trebuchet stone landing in the river nearby.

She can see Rhomali over in the direction the noise came from near the bridge and sends me to find out what is going on.

Rhomali informs that something terrible has happened to the toll-taker stationed at the bridge.

Whilst Rhomali was throwing rocks into the river he heard an argument on the bridge, he didn’t see who it was but he had a gruff voice. There was a struggle and a splash, the toll-taker fell off the bridge, he couldn’t swim, Rhomali couldn’t swim either to save him and he drowned.

I need to swim under the bridge and search the body for any clues as to who pushed him.

Searching the corpse I find a worn medallion clutched in his hand.

Returning to Rhomali I show him the medallion, he tells me he knows who it belongs to, Bukkene.

He claims that the Dwarf is as nice as they come and can’t understand why he would kill the Troll, he sends me to confront him about it in town.

Bukkene the Gruff claims that he didn’t know the toll-taker couldn’t swim and agrees they had a scuffle. He says he feels bad and offers me a payment of wergeld.

I don’t know what wergeld is and ask him, he informs that by Nordic law a person at fault is obligated to pay wergeld to the owner or family for damages or loss of life.

He sends me back to Rhomali with it and a sincere apology.

Rhomali accepts the wergeld and says he will see that it gets to the proper person, and thanks me for clearing up the mystery.

The Cairn of Skalunda.

Keeping Company, The Mildrslag Legacy & Humiliating Hagar (21)

Hjorgar Mildrslag wants me to check up on his son, Hagar who stands watch over the Cairn of Skalunda to the south.

Hagar Mildrslag, son of Hjorgar Mildrslag introduces himself, he seems to have a rather large ego and instantly earns my distrust.

“One might say that I’m a bit of a big deal. People know me.”

He was selected to guard one of Audliten’s most valuable assets.

The Cairn of Skalunda, was placed hundreds of years ago to mark the burial place of the legendary warrior Beowulf. Many treasures are buried beneath the cairn and so only the finest and most skilled fighters can stand guard at this post.

Hagar claims that he is the most skilled fighter in all of Audliten, Svealands and probably Midgard, and that no-one would make an attempt on the cairn whilst he is guarding it.

A blodfelag bandit attacks the cairn and Hagar runs away screaming. I dispatch the bandit and attempt to find Hagar.

I locate Hagar the Coward cowering behind a tree, he denies that he was scared but when he spots the Viking Dreng approaching he admits it and pleads with me to take pity on him for the sake of his father.

The Viking Dreng tells me of the importance of the cairn’s guard being strong and fearless and that Hagar was appointed by his father and his bravery is untested. Hjorgar will be very interested to know how his son fared in his first battle, he is old and will die soon and he wants nothing more than to raise a strong warrior of Midgard to carry forth his legacy.

I am asked about the events that I witnessed and am forced to make a moral choice, to Honor Hagar‘s plea to not disappoint his ailing father by lying about the event or Humiliate Hagar by reporting that he is a coward who cannot be trusted with the protection of the cairn.

Not being a sentimental Hibernian sap but a Midgard warrior concerned with the defence of the realm I make the choice to return to Hjorgar Mildrslag and advise him of his son’s failure to defend the cairn.

Hjorgar is saddened by the dishonor on his families name, he is grateful for my service and honesty. His spirit seems weakened and darkened by the news and he asks me to leave.

Olga’s view of tomtes and earthen mounds.

Chasing Olga, Whack-A-Tomte & Earning Trust (22)

Hjorgar Mildrslag catches my attention, he tells me that he saw Olga Bukkenedottir sprint at top speed past him heading to the south towards the forest on the far shore. He says something terrible must have happened for her to be running like that and he asks me to track her down.

I find Olga hidden by a cart and a faced with a number of earthen mounds and tomtes.

She tells me that a thief has stolen her ring. It has been in her clan for generations and she must get it back.

A tomte took the ring and hid himself in an earthen mound. She has asked for my assistance.

I start searching earthen mounds, being ambushed by tomtes as I go.

Eventually the Tomte Thief appears, and I fight him. Once I have disposed of him I return the stolen ring to Olga.

She asks that I send word to her father that she is safe and she has the ring.

As a reward for helping his daughter he allows me to browse his weapon stores free of charge.

A view of the Audliten docks from a nearby bridge.

Anchors Away!  & Aquatic Threat (22)

Huntress Kyrelda commends me on my performance resolving many of the towns problems, she sends me to speak to the Dockmaster who has been asking for assistance.

The Dockmaster greets me and explains his problem. River ants are attack boats as they are launched from the dock harassing his customers, he asks me to exterminate the menace.

Diving under the water from the dock I start to understand the problem, the ants are very large and aggressive.

I kill a number of them and then return to the Dockmaster who thanks me for my work and offers me a reward.

The view of the East of Audliten. Merchants use a temporary tent and builders prepare the construction of a new building.

Work in Progress & Raiding the Raiders (22)

Petle tells me that Armond has been overseeing the construction of new buildings on the east of Audliten and has been asking for help with supplies that are missing.

Armond tells me that the Blodfelag have been raiding the stockpiled  building supplies over the past few days and it has halted construction of buildings.

He asks me to head to the Blodfelag camp just south of the river and return the stolen supplies.

The stolen building supplies are located in a camp with a number of tents, a number of crates are stacked in the corners and Blodfelag are milling around the camp.

I collect a number of stolen building supplies and return to Armond.

He is grateful for their return so that they can continue building the expansion of the town.

The Blodfelag camp on the island that Gwaell picks her Sveland Berries for her pie.

What’s the Hold Up? & Best Pies in Midgard! (23)

Hjorgar should know better than to waste my time with trivial issues, he asks me to check on Gwaell to see why his pies are late.

Gwaell tells me a little about what she is known for, making tomte jerkins and baking an excellent Svealand Berry Pie.

She tells me that she has a problem with gathering the ingredients for the pie lately.

The Blodfelag have set up a camp at her usual collection point and she asks me to gather the berries for her.

I locate a patch of berries on the island and am able to pick them without drawing the attention of the Blodfelag camped nearby.

After returning to Gwaell she says the berries will do nicely and she thanks me.

I take the opportunity to talk to her about priorities and wasting my valuable time.

A Blodfelag bandit camp outside of town.

Teaching Them a Lesson (23)

Huntress Kyrelda wants to strike back at the Blodfelag who have been raiding the town.

She asks me to raid a small encampment on the outskirts of town.

I begin to rain down arrows on the Blodfelag bandits gathered in the camp, once I am finished I return to Huntress Kyrelda.

She is pleased with my work and says she knew she could count on me.

The tower across a bridge near Audliten.

What Thing? & Needful Things (23)

Petle tells me that Aleaniver has been asking for help and needs “the thing” and sends me to speak with her.

Aleaniver, a Troll, communicates with me in a simple language. She wants me to get her three sveawolf pelts so she can make things from them.

She says I can find the wolves across the bridge by the tower, and that she will reward me on my successful return.

I find the sveawolf prowlers near the tower towards the hills.

After dispatching three of the wolves and taking their pelts I return to Aleaniver.

She says they are good pelts and that she is happy with my job.

An East Svealand forest at dusk.

Hunter’s Companion (24)

Huntress Kyrelda tasks me with capturing a sveawolf pup so that it can be trained as a hunter’s companion.

I locate a tiny sveawolf pup, and pick it up.

Being a trained Hunter I feel no remorse at removing the pup from its mothers care due to the companionship and bond that it will share with its new owner.

Returning to Huntress Kyrelda she praises me on my excellent work, and says the pup will do quite nicely and confirms that she will find her a suitable master.

An Undesired Guest (24)

Huntress Kyrelda informs me of an urgent dispatch from Captain Astridr in Thidranki, a Hibernian spy is attempting to infiltrate the Midgard stronghold.

She sends me to resolve the situation.

As I search the area behind the Midgard stronghold in Thidranki a Hibernian Spy attacks me.

Under the watch of the stationed guards I dispatch the Lurikeen with ease.

Huntress Kyrelda gives me sincere thanks and is glad that there is one less spy to worry about.

A view from the water strider shore out towards Audliten.

Another Confusing Request & Copious Striders (24)

Petle’s last task for me is to speak with Garon to assist him in fixing his smithing hammer or something like that, she got confused when she heard mention of a leg.

He is found east of Petle inside the building that Alesa the Battleground Teleporter is standing.

I reluctantly agree to help to speed up my departure from the town, the townsfolk seem to have started taking me for granted and the importance of the missions to the realm have been waning.

Garon asks me to help him with a problem with his blacksmithing hobby. Recently he was hammering at a sheet of iron and the shaft of his smithing hammer cracked and broke.

He is looking for a replacement shaft but one that will not easily break, he asks specifically for a water strider leg, due to their carapaces being as hard as netherium.

I relieve a water strider of its leg and return to Garon.

He is pleased and says it is suitable for repairing his smithing hammer.

Our hero riding a horse from Audliten to Huginfel.

Handmaiden of Eir (24)

Petle informs me that Priestess Kaetien of Huginfel has asked to see me, she also has a package for me to deliver to her.

I purchase a ticket from Fraglock the Audliten Stable Master to travel to Huginfel and Chapter 5.


Blodfelag and Tomtar by Gwaell of Audliten

Gwaell is one of the leaders in Audliten and tells me of the towns history.

The settlers of the town left Vasudheim due to the widespread corruption and greed. They left thievery and slavery and encountered their own problems in this town. A group of Norsemen who call themselves Blodfelag rule to the northwest and the Tomtar ravage the land to the east.

The Blodfelag are a group of Norsemen bent on purging Midgard of all who are not purely Norse. Many Kobolds, Trolls and Dwarves have died at their hands. Any Norse who was unable to prove himself to be a fit Viking was also killed.

They are lead by a fanatic named Redhands, so called for the hundreds of innocent victims that have died by his own hands. He relishes in the destruction of small towns and the murder of their inhabitants.

The Tomtar are a small race of folk, far smaller than even the tiniest Kobold babe. It was thought that they were the original inhabitant of Midgard, but most scoff at that prospect. They are malicious and evil beings, intent on regaining their lost lands and treasures. If you travel east out of town, be wary of the Tomtar. They tend to hide near the bridge and ambush those that cross it.

Blodfelag by Gorne of Audliten

Gorne tells me Redhands has even murdered members of his own family, his prejudices against any who aren’t Norse is truly legendary. He supplies the slavers with their thralls, and has raided small Kobold and Troll villages out in the unprotected areas of Midgard, only to kill all who lived there. He explains how he knows all of this, because Redhands is his brother.

He was once a Blodfelag, he was treacherous and hateful of anyone who wasn’t like him. He would kill people he thought weren’t proper Vikings. He says it was such a terrible existence he led. One day a Priestess of Ymir showed him the error of his ways. When he realised what he had done he turned himself in. The Priestess of Ymir testified on his behalf about his reformation and repentance. She took him under her wing and guided him in the right direction and he married her.

They have been married happily for ten years, but he still lives each day knowing what he has done, but also that his people have forgiven him. He says that if I really want to make a difference in Midgard I should start with the Blodfelag.

Problems & Thoughts

I enjoyed the quests and the story at the start of the town, but during the end of it the quests seemed petty and meaningless, a hero would not be fetching berries for pies and eggs for omelettes when he is defending his realm.

  • Rhomali the quest target for What’s That Ruckus does not have a blue quest indicator above his head.
  • Hagar the quest target for Keeping Company does not have a blue quest indicator above his head.
  • The Dockmaster of Audliten has no blue quest indicator above his head for the quest Aquatic Threat.
  • Olga Bukkenedottir does not have a blue quest indicator above for the quest Chasing Olga.