DAoC: RvR Keep/Tower Camping Tactics

Eaderbreca has published her latest Dark Age of Camelot guide in collaboration with Lambeau and her guild Symphony of the Night.

The guide focuses on tactics for camping a Keep or a Tower. The following list is a summary of Eaderbreca’s main post:


  • Acquire Group and Individual RvR Missions
  • Darkness Falls Missions

Keep / Tower Assault

  • Warlord Master Level – Ram User
  • Crystal Titan gathering guards and speedwarps
  • Traps inside the front door including power traps if Font of Power is not being used.
  • Storm use to hinder targeting
  • Pre-set ground targets on the ground floor

Defensive Setup

  • Bring the Keep / Tower lord down to the level the group is set up on for easy killing when needed
  • Healers to top of tower, set up Font of Power and stay in the middle.
  • Avoid line of sight targeting for Area of Effect spells of enemies
  • PBAOE spell users set up with Bodyguard Master Level defenders at a choke point.
  • Speed Warp to slow them down
  • Casters use greater replenishment potions for power regen
  • Have Mystic Crystal Lore and power restoration items readily available on your quickbar
  • Pre-assign a healer to re-buff and resurrect any fallen allies and have a covering healer
  • Tanks should keep Metal Guard buff active

Defensive Actions

  • Static Tempest to further hinder them
  • Kill enemies that make it to the roof
  • Assist, buff shear and Forceful Zephyr enemies off the roof – Priority targets are Minstrels and Skalds
  • Tanks should use Warguard, Soldiers Barricade and Dashing Defence
  • Don’t move from the pre-set location
  • Debuff Constitution at any opportunity
  • Continue to interrupt enemy healers with the ground target abilities

Read the Full Guide with larger descriptions and context on Eaderbreca’s Blog